For over 20 years, this longest running of Recording Magazine’s columns has brought you critiques of recording technique for audio submissions from our readers all over the world. Recording’s Readers’ Tracks is where respected engineer and producer Marty Peters listens to your recordings and critiques them, pointing out where and how you can make them better. Listen to the songs, read the reviews, and submit your own materials online via upload. Here’s to making the best recordings possible!

StoreyTunes Album Art

What’s The Matter (With Me)

Doubting James - Stop B!tching Around!

Spotlight 191: Stop Bitch’n Around

Readers' Tracks

You Belong

Doug Morrison's "King of Everything" photo

Spotlight 190: King of Everything

We’ll Never Stop Believin’

Says Who 2 - ablum art

Spotlight 189: Says Who 2

Past Readers’ Tracks



Says Who 2 - ablum art

Spotlight 189: Says Who 2

petey and the pistols - Photo of Eric Peterson

all thees time



Christopher Dean / Pikeman's March - Album Artwork

Spotlight 188: The Pikeman’s March

O Holy Night Album Art

O Holy Night


Photo of S.D. Young

Spotlight 186: Bad Ass Love

Gretch / “Break Me” album art

Break Me


Chad Fay Robinson's studio

Spotlight 185: I Know That It’s You


Built for the Future / "Supernational" band photo

Spotlight 184: Supernational


Gargoyle Circus - Killroy Was Here album art

Killroy Was Here

Charlie Koellner - The Voice of Reason Album Art

Spotlight 183: Master Plan


Wonder album art

Spotlight 182: Wonder

Readers' Tracks

Better Off Just Friends


Joe Bourdet / “Silk Robe, Garden Flowers” album art

Spotlight 181: Silk Robe, Garden Flowers

Will Keizer-Take What You Want album art

Take What You Want


Image artwork for sxnchit's "On My Own"

Spotlight 180: On My Own

Album artwork for Rise Up With Me by J Gulli

Rise Up With Me


David Kessner at his piano

Spotlight 179: Table For One

Ataraxia by Gold Tea Artwork



A Message From Shanghai Album Art

Spotlight 178: A Message From Shanghai

Hard, Cold Light Of Day - Photo of Bill Edwards

Hard, Cold Light Of Day


Thinking About You Art

Spotlight 177: Thinking About You

Artwork for Endorphins by YAVI

Spotlight 176: Endorphins


If I Ever Met Santa Album Art

If I Ever Met Santa

The Curse - Album Art

The Curse



Brent Enman — Retromatic Vols 1, 2, 3 Complete

Spotlight 175: Chase The Dream

Everything with you studio image

Everything with you

Everything with you album artwork

That’s the way we used to play


Take Me Home Album-Artwork

Spotlight 174: Take Me Home

Readers' Tracks


John Weguelin - The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat - Google Art Project

Invocation (Ancient Egyptian Melody)


Image artwork for sxnchit's "On My Own"

Spotlight 173: On My Own


Scrollkeeper Auto Da Fe Artwork

Spotlight 172: Auto Da Fe


Tarah Deva

Spotlight 171: Diamonds

Greetings from Rubendale album art with song Thinking About You

Thinking About You


A Message From Shanghai Album Art

Spotlight 170: A Message From Shanghai

John DeBortoli - Crazy in Love album photo

Crazy In Love


Album artwork for Rise Up With Me by J Gulli

Spotlight 169: Rise Up With Me


Sky Canyon You Know That I've Loved You (For A Long, Long Time) album art

Spotlight 168: You Know That I’ve Loved You (For A Long, Long Time)

Soft Sea Air beach image

Soft Sea Air

Readers' Tracks

An Angel Walking


Readers' Tracks

Spotlight 167: Hello Hello

Readers' Tracks

Out of Nowhere


Kenny Bissett - The Balancing Act album cover

Spotlight 166: Radiate

Readers' Tracks

Man Outta Time

The Ty Faherty Band album art

It Takes Two


Santos Aetos Oceania album cover

Spotlight 165: Desinformacion

image of heiWr


FUNamental Take This Song album art

Take This Song


Voodoo That You Do

Spotlight 164: Voodoo That You Do

California Pines-Frank Schonberg

California Pines

Lionshare Prod-Caledonia




Randy Prentice

Spotlight 163: How The West Was Won


Stop Listening to Worry-studio shot

Spotlight 162: Stop Listening to Worry

Unhinged Ablum art


simple and true cover art

Simple and True


Michael Grace Kerlin Young Anyway album art

Spotlight 161: Young Anyway


Drinks Are On The House Album Cover

Spotlight 160: Drinks Are On The House

Solo Prayer Guitar image


Readers' Tracks

You Set Me Free


Readers' Tracks

Spotlight 159: Motel 6

Ernie Galarza

And So

John McCracken

Steely Eye


Gretchen Calder

Spotlight 158: Hi, My name is

Mark Dillman

Wave Goodbye

Rick Lecksell

Purple Sky


Simon Scott / Stepping Stone

Spotlight 157: Stepping Stone

Marcelo Gulino with guitar

Golden Mirrors

Gabe Schwartz

In the shadow of the western gods


Glorious Leader, The Analog Cabin Mystery Album Art

Spotlight 156: Green Mountain Sun

Santos Ateos Tierra

TIERRA calving iceberg

calving iceberg


Readers' Tracks

Spotlight 155: What the Funk!

Alter Ego Trip album art

Alter Ego Trip

Bob Richardson Studio

Morninglory Road


Sonny King studio

Spotlight 154: Got Me Dreaming


Shane Hoose - Time and Words Album Cover

Spotlight 153: Going Nowhere

Close up of Bill Edwards

Your Poison Love

Mastermind Album Cover by Mailbox Destroyers



Badri Faical

Spotlight 152: Marrakech to Tarfaya

Typhoon Jr. Center Court album cover

Center Court

Close up of Bill Edwards

A Refugee Too



Spotlight 151: Love Is On The Way (Remake)

Dance With the Devil

Nelson Rudiak Promo. Photo

Corona Virus Blues


Christopher Dean - For Absent Friends Album Cover

Spotlight 150: For Absent Friends

You're a Long Gone Woman Album art - Photo by Pedro Sandrini

You’re a Long Gone Woman

RT And The MusicRiders

Stuck at Home: Almost Near the End


Christopher Dean - For Absent Friends Album Cover

Spotlight 150: For Absent Friends

You're a Long Gone Woman Album art - Photo by Pedro Sandrini

You’re a Long Gone Woman

RT And The MusicRiders

Stuck at Home: Almost Near the End


The Covid 19 Pandemic Blues by James R. Newell

Spotlight 148: The COVID 19 Pandemic Blues

Greg Barresi Album art

I’ve Been Used

Psychose Hindsight Art



The Love Young Scene - Honey Album Art

Spotlight 147: Honey

Jester at Work: Beat of Sad Heart Album Art

Sad Heart

Gabriel Schwartz Studio

Rest With Me


Cobalt Express Three Pints

Spotlight 146: Three Points

BlueRick 'blues u can use' album cover

Meth Head

Eugene W Hairston - A Musical Spice of Life album cover

Horn Groove


Spotlight 145: Save Myself

Dan Desroches Studio Shot

The Journey

Carl Johansen



Only One-Doug's Studio

Spotlight 144: Only One

The Terees Prefect Space

Perfect Space

Andrews Way's Studio

The Perfect Take


Readers' Tracks

Spotlight 143: Moonlight Mirage

Studio Image: If I Voted For You by Mike Bernier

If I Vote For You

Magic Moment Image

Magic Moment


Readers' Tracks

Spotlight 142: Rocking on The River

Hugs at home and wages at work cover art

Hugs at Home and Wages at Work

no-body-project art



Joseph Harter in studio

Spotlight 141: Barlos Cantina

Rainbow by Ian Soelins


Overseas Album Cover



Spotlight 140: YemenaY Yay

Too Complicated

Too Complicated? #4

Readers' Tracks

It’s Been a Good Life



Readers' Tracks

Spotlight 139: So Intoxifying

No Matter What

No Matter What

Missed Calls


Bob Gustafson Bucket List Recording Studio Shot

Spotlight 138: Psychedelic Brother

Readers' Tracks

Propaganda Man

Summer Love / Tony Morgan Studio

Summer Love


James Henderson

SPOTLIGHT 137: Take Time

Phone Call (With a Chance of Sand)

Derek Mok Pastoral Elegies Ablum Art

Murron MacClannough


SPOTLIGHT 136: Gallows

Studio Image: If I Voted For You by Mike Bernier

If I Vote For You

Cover Art - Deep In The Mine

Deep in The Mine


Sure, I'm Blue album cover

SPOTLIGHT 136: Sure, I’m Blue!

Gunner Wright Same Old Windows Album Art

Same Old Windows

Water and Trees Cover Art

Water and Trees


Graffiti Tree - album image

SPOTLIGHT 135: Anyday Now

Gretsch drum kit

Girl of My Dreams

Chapter V (Freedom)


Dave Hamon Mixed Emulsions Album Art

SPOTLIGHT 134: Dreaming of You

Cliff Jordan

Those Louisville Blues

Wayne Wilson

Song With No Name


Reminder-Merritt Harriss/Mountains & Valleys

SPOTLIGHT 133: Reminder


Highrise Sunset


The Wallpennies-Ooh La La

SPOTLIGHT 132: Ooh La La

readers' tracks

Raul Luccian – “Overseas”

Rockit Writer Art

Rockit Writer


Mr. Limbus "Wonderful" Cover Art

SPOTLIGHT 131: Mr. Limbus “Wonderful”

John W. Andrews / Richard D’Ambrosio - "Sweet Nicole"

John W. Andrews / Richard D’Ambrosio – “Sweet Nicole”

Margaret Medlock - "Absent Alibi"

Margaret Medlock – “Absent Alibi”


SPOTLIGHT 130: Nathanaries – “Moon”

Trace The Sidewalk - "Simply Livin"

Trace The Sidewalk – “Simply Livin”

Seth Jackson - "There Is No California"

Seth Jackson – “There Is No California”


SPOTLIGHT 129: Olita Duo - "Kitty Trot"

SPOTLIGHT 129: Olita Duo – “Kitty Trot”

Derek Mok - "Murron McClannough"

Derek Mok – “Murron McClannough”

Lewin Barringer - "Let's All Drive"

Lewin Barringer – “Let’s All Drive”



SPOTLIGHT 128: TolbertToz - "Good For The Night"

SPOTLIGHT 128: TolbertToz – “Good For The Night”

Feline Beacon - "Far Behind Me"

Feline Beacon – “Far Behind Me”

Aelyth and Leigh - "Liberty Wakes"

Aelyth and Leigh – “Liberty Wakes”


SPOTLIGHT 127: World Class Basement - "Soldiers"

SPOTLIGHT 127: World Class Basement – “Soldiers”

Jerico Niezen - Sea Walker

Jerico Niezen – “Sea Walker”

Thomas Lenihan - "Empress Of The Corn"

Thomas Lenihan – “Empress Of The Corn”


Phillip Broussard - Just Wanna Believe

Phillip Broussard – “Just Wanna Believe”

Paul Hodes/Calamity Jane - "I'm Holdin' Out"

Paul Hodes/Calamity Jane – “I’m Holdin’ Out”

SPOTLIGHT 126: BZ - Kills

SPOTLIGHT 126: BZ – “Kills”


Readers Tracks Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas All Our Dreams 1969

Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas – “All Our Dreams (1969)”

Readers Tracks Emma Howl

Emma – “Howl”


Al Duane psychosexuAL On The Outside

Al Duane/psychosexuAL – “On The Outside”

Mark Tabeling Don't Let Go

Mark Tabeling – “Don’t Let Go”


SPOTLIGHT 123: Lee Harry - "I'm Not Angry Anymore"

SPOTLIGHT 123: Lee Harry – “I’m Not Angry Anymore”

Tony Morgan Summer Love

Tony Morgan – “Summer Love”

David Newell I Know Your Secret

David Newell – “I Know Your Secret”


SPOTLIGHT 122 Pieces Second Hand Man

SPOTLIGHT 122: Pieces – “Second Hand Man”

David Howe The MAD Project Hurry Up And Wait

David Howe / The MAD Project – “Hurry Up And Wait”

John Bowen Twilight Side Of Morning

John Bowen – “Twilight Side Of Morning”


Frederick Crounse Tsadzu Loup Garou

Frederick Crounse / Tsadzu – “Loup Garou”

Patrick Palmer Innocent Mind This Life

Patrick Palmer / Innocent Mind – “This Life”

SPOTLIGHT 121 Nick Smith Wes Montgomery

SPOTLIGHT 121: Nick Smith – “Wes Montgomery”


SPOTLIGHT 120 Peter Hanmer Jenine Around Town

SPOTLIGHT 120: Peter Hanmer / Jenine – “Around Town”

Jerico Niezen Sea Blue

Jerico Niezen – “Sea Blue”

Kevin Hanna The John Toms Dilemma When The Going Gets Tough

Kevin Hanna / The John Toms Dilemma – “When The Going Gets Tough”


SPOTLIGHT 119 Clint Morrison Bow Chicka Wow Wow

SPOTLIGHT 119: Clint Morrison – “Bow Chicka Wow Wow”

Mark Bolton Big News Today

Mark Bolton – “Big News Today”

Joe Livengood Good Thing (Nod To Mott)

Joe Livengood – “Good Thing (Nod To Mott)”


SPOTLIGHT 118 Daniel Goldstein and Sara Umansky In Cobwebs

SPOTLIGHT 118: Daniel Goldstein and Sara Umansky – “In Cobwebs”

John Lewitt - The Reason Why

John Lewitt – “The Reason Why”

Readers' Tracks February 2018

Brian Roach – “Out of the Ether”


Readers' Tracks January 2018

Randy Prentice – “Sun Goes Down”

Alan and Alison Bews - A Dark Red Sky

Alan and Alison Bews – “A Dark Red Sky”

SPOTLIGHT 117 Larry Benigno Epiphone

SPOTLIGHT 117: Larry Benigno – “Epiphone”



SPOTLIGHT 116 Nate Morton Kenwood Anderson Rhinoceros Foxtrot

SPOTLIGHT 116: Nate Morton and Kenwood Anderson – “Rhinoceros Foxtrot”

Dave Simerick Different Kinda Perfect

Dave Simerick – “Different Kinda Perfect”


SPOTLIGHT 115 Ian Soelins So Far

SPOTLIGHT 115: Ian Soelins – “So Far”

Dan Depolito Make Your Own Kinda Music

Dan Depolito – “Make Your Own Kinda Music”

Robert Spencer When Im Bad Im Better

Robert Spencer – “When I’m Bad I’m Better”


SPOTLIGHT 114 Tim Franklin The Howdy Pilgrims Russian Gun

SPOTLIGHT 114: Tim Franklin / The Howdy Pilgrims – “Russian Gun”

Jamie Robinson Lucky 13

Jamie Robinson – “Lucky 13”


Readers' Tracks

Dan Crawford – “Great Shape For The Shape I’m In”

Jeremiah Brewer The Lights Of Love

Jeremiah Brewer – “The Lights Of Love”

Readers' Tracks

SPOTLIGHT 113: Stephen Henriques – “On My Way”


Sebastien Tardif and Mathieu LaBerge Big Western Ashville

Sébastien Tardif and Mathieu LaBerge / Big Western – “Ashville”

SPOTLIGHT 112 Tony Richards Hairy Johnny

SPOTLIGHT 112: Tony Richards – “Hairy Johnny”

Carlos Gomez SpeedyGeez Shes Gonna Miss You

Carlos Gomez / SpeedyGeez – “She’s Gonna Miss You”


SPOTLIGHT 111 Bobby Roberts Travis Smith If I Were You

SPOTLIGHT 111: Bobby Roberts / Travis Smith – “If I Were You”

Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas All Alone

Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas – “All Alone”

Darow Han Scorpion

Darow Han – “Scorpion”


SPOTLIGHT 110 Steven James King The Sun

SPOTLIGHT 110: Steven James King – “The Sun”

Roland Nipp Angels

Roland Nipp – “Angels”


Kevin Richard Touched

Kevin Richard – ” Touched”

SPOTLIGHT 109 Rant and Sly The Vehicle Butterflies

SPOTLIGHT 109: Rant and Sly / The Vehicle – “Butterflies”

Readers' Tracks

Ringo – “Burrito Time”


SPOTLIGHT 108 Todd Fifield Make it Like The First Time

SPOTLIGHT 108: Todd Fifield – “Make it Like The First Time”

Dan Davis Remembrance

Dan Davis – “Remembrance”

Mike Ringler Come Walk With Me

Mike Ringler – “Come Walk With Me”


Kevin Selph Suitcase Of Love

Kevin Selph – “Suitcase Of Love”

Alex Vann A Better Me

Alex Vann – “A Better Me”

SPOTLIGHT 107 Scott Owens String It Down

SPOTLIGHT 107: Scott Owens – “String It Down”


Rick Harper

Rick Harper – “Pretty Fool”

SPOTLIGHT 106 Peter Hanmer Distant Horizon

SPOTLIGHT 106: Peter Hanmer – “Distant Horizon”


Rick Grande Lost And Alone Again

Rick Grande – “Lost And Alone (Again)”

SPOTLIGHT 105 Andrew Zimmerman Zach Short Oceanic

SPOTLIGHT 105: Andrew Zimmerman / Zach Short – “Oceanic”

Mike Bender Mercedes in Hades

Mike Bender – “Mercedes in Hades”