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Badri Faical

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Faical Badri Title: Marrakech to Tarfaya Genre: Blues Rock  Rating:


Logic Pro-X, Focusrite 18i20, Gibson and Hofner guitars, Fender Jazz Bass, Shure KSM 32, Genelec 8020 monitors, Audio-Technica ATH-40x headphones.


“Marrakech to Tarfaya” is a male vocal blues-rock song written, recorded, played and produced by Faical.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

This month’s Spotlight is a funky, powerful blues track that chronicles Faical’s escape from Morocco to Spain in 2003. The song is built upon an awesome bass groove and slashing electric rhythm guitar. The sparse arrangement leaves room for every sound source while still providing a full and balanced mix.
The basic yet full drums have a round, woody tone. Those of you who favor bright, snappy snare and crashing cymbals might find them on the dark side, but we found the taming of the high end refreshingly “old school.” Next up, we absolutely love Faical’s bass playing here. It is similar to the work of the late, great Bob Babbitt (“Ball of Confusion,” “Midnight Train to Georgia”). The round tone and propelling performance fit with the drums perfectly. The bright, stabbing electric rhythm guitar and second tremolo guitar injects a subtle push/pull tension into the track creating a shadow and light dynamic against the drums and bass that is quite engaging. Faical’s passionate vocal performance was well recorded with the Shure KSM 32/ Focusrite 18i20 signal chain. Long a staple of our personal mic locker, we have yet to find a source that the KSM fails to flatter, and that is the case here as well.


“Marrakech to Tarfaya” is a fine example of the power of simplicity when handled correctly. The importance of mindful song arrangement, dynamics and instrumentation cannot be overstated. Less is more is often the ideal road. Faical played to his strengths here, a wise lesson for all of us indeed.


Well done, sir!


Faical Badri, [email protected]


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