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heiWr  Title: Everytime  Genre: Indie Pop  Rating:


Native Instruments KOMPLETE AUDIO 1, Rode NT1-A microphone.


“Everytime” is an indie pop song. Herles Rocha submitted the track, and the credits are listed as Areli (production) and heiWr (writing).

Reviewed By Marty Peters

Primarily a software-constructed track, heiWr have created a nice sketch with ‘great bones’ as they say in the real estate business. So, how does that apply here? In this case, the duo has quite wisely used the KOMPLETE AUDIO 1
interface to lay down a basic but effective drum beat and synth bass music bed, creating a solid platform for the accompanying vocals.

Speaking of the vocals, they’re on the quiet side—we’re straining to get at the lyrics. There’s no mention of monitors or headphones on the gear list—does heiWr have the gear needed to make a balanced and translatable mix?


This track efficiently shows the ideas behind ‘Everytime’—sketch mission accomplished! Now we have a scaffold and a roadmap for making art. As for suggestions to heiWr, the obvious one of course is to correct the balance issue between the music bed and the vocals. Doing this might actually help trigger some good production moves when it comes to creating new parts that you’ll get right the first time and won’t regret later. For example, from what we could glean, some fine lyrics are present; they deserve to instruct and command the music and steer the vibe. Using reference tracks and comparing ones work against other successful songs in the same genre can come in handy here…


A good start!


Herles Rocha, [email protected]


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