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Aurelia June Mickael Title: Missed Calls Genre: Pop  Rating:


(listed as submitted by artist): LG Tribute Dynasty phone; Zeeky Beats; BandLab social music creation platform; broken headphones.


“Missed Calls” is a female vocal bedroom pop song. Aurelia handled everything on the project.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

To say we love this track would be a huge understatement! Aurelia has delivered a dreamy, sultry track that she recorded on her bedroom floor with an exceedingly minimal setup. Tracked and mixed to a free music bed from Zeeky Beats via the BandLab app on her LG Tribute Dynasty phone, and mixed on a set of broken headphones, Aurelia has fashioned a tremendous effort here. Is it a ‘perfect’ recording? No—it was done on a smartphone! Even with its imperfections, we were completely knocked out by Amelia’s vocal performance here. The lead vocal with its soft, delicate delivery is captivating, and the harmonies are superb.


Music, what would we be without thee? Inspiration, consolation, energy, creativity—a myriad of descriptors apply. As recordists, we are fortunate to capture light in a bottle, and that is precisely what Amelia has done here. She grabbed the tools at hand to serve her muse, and with impressive results. What could be done with better gear? Who’s to say—is it the ear or the gear that determines success? Some of the most incredible music in history was captured from board mixes and distributed for years on lowly cassette tapes (shine on Deadheads!), while some of the most pristine recordings can lack real magic. As for Amelia, we encourage her to continue on her path, and we can’t wait to hear more from her in the future!




Aurelia June Mickael, [email protected]


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