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Phillip Broussard - Just Wanna Believe


Artist Name: Phillip Broussard  Title: Just Wanna Believe  Genre: Acoustic/Vocal  Rating:

Equipment Used

Mac running Apple Logic Pro X. Royer Labs SF-24 stereo ribbon mic through Forssell SMP-2 preamp. ATC SCM150 monitors with JL Audio Fathom F112 subwoofer. Taylor acoustic guitar.

Production Notes & Credits

“Just Wanna Believe” is a male vocal acoustic track. Phillip handled the performance; the recording was done by Dylan Fant.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

A pretty simple acoustic guitar and vocal track here from Phillip and Dylan. Employing some impressive gear in the signal path, Dylan captured a clear acoustic tone that avoided any noticeable string artifact. Through our monitors the guitar had an airy sound, implying that the mic was positioned a fair distance from Phillip’s Taylor guitar during the tracking process.

The acoustic lead guitar and the lead vocal were recorded via the same mic and signal path, this time in mono. To our ears the results here were even more favorable; we dug the full-bodied sound of both, and and the quality of the mic/pre combination brought Phillip’s skilled performances to the forefront in a stunning fashion. Big ups to the active ribbon mic here; although condenser mics seem to still dominate the landscape they are not always the best fit for certain situations. The quality of the Royer SF-24 shines brightly here, and yes, we are more than a little jealous!


It would be a mistake to assume that recording so few sound sources is a piece of cake. Unlike songs with dozens of tracks in play, there is very little room for error and few places to hide in this scenario.

The guys have done a fine job here overall. Our only comment would be that we enjoyed the mono tones a bit more than the stereo in terms of ambience and presence, but that is a matter of taste—yours of course may differ. Oh, and anytime you’re not using that mic…!


Well done.


Phillip Broussard, [email protected]


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