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Album artwork for Rise Up With Me by J Gulli

Artist Name:
Wayne Price (J Gulli)   Title: Rise Up With Me  Genre: Inspirational Pop



Cakewalk Sonar 8, Alesis QS7 keyboard, headphones.


“Rise Up With Me” is an inspirational pop song.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

This month’s Spotlight is a great one-person project that showcases Wayne/J’s myriad skills. As with so many of our Spotlight features, the writing and arrangement on display are top-notch. While technically not in our mission statement, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a leg up in this department as one goes about the actual recording end of things. The positive message in the lyrics is undoubtedly welcome these days, and J. has done a superb job managing the various elements that make up the track. While sticking to a relatively basic instrumental bed, the vocals, both lead and backing, sound fantastic throughout the song.

We dug the subtle delay on the lead vocal and the well-conceived panning on the harmonies. The rap-vocal section at 1:57 was perfectly executed in the mix, with no sign of volume or energy disparity through our monitors. As for the instruments, J. took fine advantage of his Alesis keyboard/ Sonar combo, creating a nice groove and melody. His skilled sense of dynamics allowed for an uninterrupted flow of sound sources that came and went effortlessly in the mix. Sweet!


The optimum word that came to mind when we reviewed “Rise Up With Me” was focus. In our opinion, J’s effort here sounds thought out and put together with a specific goal in mind. Everything from the writing to the arrangement, all the way to completion, has a purpose and, as such, creates a terrific whole.




J Gulli, [email protected]


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