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On My Own   Title: sxnchit   Genre: Pop-R’n’B-Soul   Rating:


Asus ROG Strix 15, FL Studio 20, Focusrite Interface, ZINGYOU BM 800 USB Microphone, Sennheiser Headphones.


“On My Own” is a male vocal Pop-R’n’B-Soul” song done in its entirety by Sanchit Mhaske.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

This month’s Spotlight is a slow, slinky ballad that forges minimal instrumentation and equipment, creative arrangement, panning and great ambiance into a winning package.

Going with a less is more approach, Sanchit put together a simple but solid music bed to support and showcase his superb vocals. We love the super realistic nylon string guitar sound. It’s got an awesome presence and sits proudly in the mix. The guitar and vocals are juxtaposed with cool finger snaps, synth bass and a nicely syncopated kick drum with a well-defined beater against the drum head tone—a great platform to build on. 

Tracked using an amazingly affordable BM 800 USB mic (along with a Focusrite interface), the vocals are beautifully recorded and presented. We hear no plosives, sibilance or other artifacts. Some well-chosen reverb enhances this fine, tight performance. Adding to the vocals’ success is the panning we mentioned previously. The backing voices seem to dart around in a way that adds energy and movement throughout the song, a perfect foil for the steady, basic instrumental bed. Lastly, kudos to Sanchit for a full-bodied, perfectly balanced final mix. Nice!


The power of modern computer-based recording and affordable gear continues to amaze us, friends. Has there ever been a more ideal time to do excellent recording work without breaking the bank? That said, without vision, skill and effort, the results are not guaranteed. Congratulations to Sanchit for all three here. It certainly shows in the end result.


Well done!


Sanchit Mhaske, [email protected]


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