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Raul Luccian  Title: Overseas  Genre:  Rock  Rating:


Mac Pro with Avid Mbox2 running Apple Logic Pro X. Yamaha NS-10M monitors. 1972 Fender Stratocaster through antique silverface tube Fender Twin Reverb amp.


“Overseas” is a rock instrumental done in its entirety by Raul. Mastering was via eMastered.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

Raul has submitted a nice melodic track, somewhat in the style of Mark Knopfler’s instrumental efforts. Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

Raul has kept matters pretty basic regarding his arrangement here, obviously choosing to focus on the guitar (likely his primary instrument) as his main focus. The basic drum programming was functional, though we found the kick drum to be muffled through our monitors. We do, however, want to give props to Raul for presenting his drums and synth bass in an unapologetic fashion. Far too often we hear these types of sound sources tucked uncomfortably back into the stereo mix, as if they’re trying to hide.

As for his primary instrument, Raul has done a nice job creating an atmospheric vibe via the vintage Fender Strat/Twin Reverb combo. The small delay applied to the guitar furthered this along, as did the crystalline tone this combo is famous for, working particularly well when paired against the deep bass drone.


As we have so often mentioned, most of us are fortunate to have achieved a measure of skill on one particular instrument. Equal skill on secondary and tertiary ones requires training, practice time, and above all, interest. Learning the ins and outs of recording, mixing, etc., as well as the one thing that most love is not quite so easy!

As for suggestions, barring any additional tracking, we would love to hear more definition on the kick drum, which would make it more homogeneous with the snare sound in the mix.


A nice dreamy track.


Raul Luccian, [email protected]


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