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Shane Hoose - Time and Words Album Cover

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Shane Hoose   Title: Going Nowhere   Genre: retro-synth rock   Rating:


MacBook Pro, Cockos Reaper, iZotope and Waves Plugins, XLN Audio Addictive Drums, PreSonus Studio interface, Toft Audio designs ATB8 console, Warm Audio, Behringer Composer Pro-XL Compressor, Demeter RV-1D Real Spring Reverb, TEAC A-3340 4-Track, Shure SM58 with Dr. Alien Smith Dirtbox, Bumblebee Pro Audio RM-5 (DIY), Sennheiser e609, Wasaphone MKII, Arturia MicroBrute, Korg MS-20 Mini, Moog Minitaur, 1971 Fender Mustang Guitar, Fender ’65 Twin Reverb amplifier, JHS Colour Box Preamp Pedal, Pearl Masters Retrospec drums, Chad Smith Signature snare, Paiste and Sabian cymbals, Genelec 8030C and Adam T5V monitors, Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones.


“Going Nowhere” is a retro-synth rock song. Shane did it all at his home studio. Dan Porter did the mastering.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

This month’s Spotlight is a driving synth-based track that takes us back to the good old 80s MTV days. Our compliments to the chef for a tasty composition. “Going Nowhere” has an infectious groove that screams for a blasting sound system and a dance floor. Shane’s propulsive drumming is key. It’s a great sounding mix of live and software-based kits that are super impressive. We love the big kick and snare presence with a well-done period-correct reverb. Shane’s chops and taste are evident on the quick, snappy fills in the chorus sections. Kudos are also in order for the killer synth parts. While they may no longer dominate the airwaves as they once did, they are still a potent sound source in the hands of a skilled player. Much like a true organist plays the Hammond organ, there is an art to “driving” one of these instruments, and Shane has the knack. While we are unsure whether it was the Arturia MicroBrute or the Korg MS-20 Mini (or a combination of the two), both the tone and performance are spot-on. We should also mention the ancillary keyboards sprinkled throughout the song, notably the faux vibes – a tasty arrangement feature that benefits the otherwise pounding track. Moving on, Shane did a fine job with his vocals; the New Wavy, Techno attitude and delivery is on full display and once again fits the genre like a glove. Lastly, we complement Dan for his mastering efforts and Shane for going the extra step to have it done. This is not the style of music that wants to be in the shadows, and the combination of Shane’s mix and Dan’s mastering present a full-bodied sound that really works. Bravo!


Tackling such an identifiable “Period” genre can be tricky, particularly one that is nearly four decades old. That said, Shane has nailed it. The tight arrangement, strong performances and clear vision make “Going Nowhere” a full-force success!


Well done, sir!


Shane Hoose, [email protected]


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