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Today, nearly everyone can have a home studio. The number of great sounding, affordable audio tools (and toys) available is mindboggling, and home studios certainly outnumber big fancy commercial studios. Do you have to go to a big studio to get a big sound? Can you mix your tracks yourself? A big studio could certainly have much more expensive tools and rooms, but unless you have a big budget, you may want to learn how to mix your songs yourself.

This series is dedicated to helping you improve your mixes. There are few things as satisfying to an engineer or music lover as a great mix of a great performance. Some mixes are so outstanding that they are used as reference material for decades, and the songs within have touched millions of lives. How can you make such great mixes?

The obvious answer is practice, and with practice comes skill and confidence. In this series, we’ll cover usable techniques, tips, and secrets of mixing from ‘magic frequencies’ to preparing a mix for mastering, all in the hope that you’ll discover new techniques to add to your skill set.