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William Is (feat. Deon Malik™)  Title: Stop Listening to Worry   Genre: Post-Rock   Rating:


Ableton Live 11 Suite, Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Steinberg UR22, Zoom Livetrak L-20, Neat King Bee, Neumann TLM 103, AKG D80, Shure PGADrumkit7, Shure Unidyne IV, Fender Telecaster, Pearl Export drum kit, Hohner PRO-B2 harmonica, NI Guitar Rig 5, Melodyne, Waves Renaissance Vox, Vocal Rider, and Sibilance. Edited and mastered in Adobe Audition using Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced.


“Stop Listening to Worry” is a male vocal “Post Rock” recording. The participants included William Is (Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Bass, Production)] Deon Malik™ (Rap, Lyrics), Tim Koelling (Tenor Sax), Deanna Johnson (Vocal Outbursts), Dylan Ryan (Drums) and Angel Marcloid (Mix / Master Consultation).

Reviewed By Marty Peters

“Stop Listening to Worry” is a super creative, funky collaboration with a strong message for these heady days. As we have mentioned time and again, the vast majority of our Spotlight tracks feature not only great performances and superior recording chops but also arrangements that set them apart from the myriad submissions we receive at Readers Tracks. A LOT is going on throughout this four-and-a-half-minute track, and this group has handled it with aplomb, and there’s no shortage of highlights. We loved the well-executed panning choices – do yourselves a favor and listen on a pair of headphones! Voices and instruments enter and exit seamlessly, creating a fantastic energy. Growls, yelps, snarls and hollers dot the sonic landscape in the best way.

The tones are primo across the board. In his production notes, William tells us that the killer drum performance was recorded via a Zoom Livetrack L-20 and then transferred to his DAW. Color us impressed! The drum tones are top-notch, as is Dylan’s performance. Ditto the short Tenor Sax solo recorded with the Neat King bee. It’s simply badass! All of the vocals are beautifully recorded and presented. We hear an ideal amount of compression on the lead vocal, keeping everything in check minus any compression artifacts. The rap breakdown at the 3:05 mark is also a great touch and further highlights the quality of the arrangement that William and company have fashioned here.


This one has it all in our book. Seriously grab a set of headphones and take a ride. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Love it!


William Is, [email protected]


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