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Raul Luccianaa  Title: Overseas  Genre: Rock Instrumental  Rating:


(listed as submitted by artist): Apple Mac Pro running Logic Pro X, Avid Mbox 2, Yamaha NS10M, 1972 Fender Strat, Fender Twin, Ernie Ball strings.


“Overseas” is a rock instrumental track done in its entirety by Lucian with the exception of the mastering, which was done by eMastered.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

Raul has submitted a moody mid-tempo track that calls to mind some of Mark Knofler’s movie soundtrack work. Building on a basic drum program and a robust bass guitar, the electric guitar (and to a lesser extent the keyboards) is responsible for the majority of the energy and movement in the track. Raul has employed a very melodic pattern on his Fender Stratocaster that in many ways provides a ‘vocal’ presence in the mix, and the bright tone offsets the rich low end of the bass and the low mids of the keyboards, particularly with the well-managed panning of said keys.


Lots to like here, friends. First off, we congratulate Raul for putting his drum program in its proper place in the mix. So many times, we are met with an ‘apologetic’ presentation, hidden back and processed in a way that screams camouflage. The reality is that not all of us have access to live drums, or the space and gear it takes to record them properly. It’s also true that creative programming is a skill that takes a lot of time and experimentation to develop, even if the drums are one’s primary instrument. That said, creating a good working demo of one’s composition with all the instruments placed and balanced properly is invaluable. We’re encouraged to know that Raul has the chops to do just that, and should he ever have the opportunity to record one of his songs with actual drums, that knowledge will serve him well.


A fine use of the tools at hand.


Raul Luccian, [email protected]


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