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Bruce Burger/Shlomit and RebbeSoul Title: YemenaY Yay Genre: World  Rating:


Tracking: AKG 414 EB, Oktava MC012-01, Bluebird, ADK Vienna mics, Antelope Zen Tour, Focusite Liquid Saffire interfaces, Genelec 1030A monitors, Fostex PM841 monitors, and KRK subwoofers and Yamaha HS50m monitors, Isotope Neutron and Waves Abbey Road plug-ins, Beyer DT770 headphones, Blue Lola headphones, Logic Audio and ProTools DAWs Mixing: JBL LSR308 monitors, Neve 8816 analog subbing mixer, Lynx interface, Bricasti M7 analogue reverb, ProTools, and many UA plug-ins

Production Notes and Credits

Lyrics: Shlomit Levi

Music: Shlomit & RebbeSoul

Arrangement, balalaika, programming, and production: RebbeSoul

Percussion: Cassio Duarte

Vocals: Shlomit Levi, recorded at Sun String Studio by Eran Philips

Mix: Michael Rosen

Languages: Arabic, Hebrew, English

Uploaded photo image by Dina Bova


“YemenaY Yay” is a female vocal “World” music song. Lyrics: Shlomit Levi, Music: Shlomit & RebbeSoul,  Arrangement, balalaika, programming, and production: RebbeSoul,  Percussion:Cassio Duarte, Vocals: Shlomit Levi. Recorded at Sun String Studio by Eran Philips, Mix: Michael Rosen.  Languages: Arabic, Hebrew, English.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

This month’s Spotlight is a dynamite “World” music track that is world class in our opinion! Everyone involved in the project contributed top notch work, let’s break it down for a closer look. As you loyal readers know, the vast majority of our Spotlight feature songs share a common theme, that being outstanding composition and arrangements. “YemenaY Yay” may very well be at or near the top of that list. The musical interplay and mix choices sound seemless through our monitors from start to finish. A music bed focused on a great sounding balalaika along with an equally great sounding programmed kick drum forms a driving rhythm bed for the additional sound sources and vocals. While we are not sure what mic was used to capture the Balalaika ( lots of good choices here ) the results are outstanding as is the performance. It is uber present, with clarity and no signs of piercing tones or harshness. The software generated bass also shines in counterpoint , while the snare displays a beautiful soft snap that totally compliments the robust bass drum. Moving on, the lead vocal is simply gorgeous in our opinion. Sung utilizing three separate languages, Shlomit has delivered an energetic and empathetic performance that firmly establishes the “World” moniker. Erin has yet again captured the performance minus artifact and Michael has done a bang up job with its placement. Huge kudos to both of them for their individual efforts and working in concert to make the song such a success. Both the tracking and mixing are flawless. Lastly, we must acknowledge the fantastic writing here. While we normally refrain from commenting on the actual songwriting, this one is unbelievably catchy and contagious. One spin through and you’ll agree!


As the majority of our submissions are one person efforts, we rarely get to admire the work of such a team of focused artists. The combination of passion, skill and dedication found here places their efforts above and beyond and should be an inspiration to every single one of us. We urge you to spend time with this superior recording, we will be!


As good as it gets.


Shlomit & RebbeSoul, [email protected]


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