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Voodoo That You Do

Artist Name:
Mitchell Dancik & The Senators  Title: Voodoo That You Do   Genre: Indie/Pop Rock



Sweetwater Creation Station computer, Cakewalk by Bandlab, Lynx Aurora, API mic pre, JZ BH-2 mic, Hofner, Collings, Gibson JS200, and Martin guitars, Toontrack EZdrummer, Orchestral sounds from Spitfire Audio and Spectrasonics, Sunset Sound ambiance, Valhalla plate, UAD Capital Chambers, Waves L1 Limite, DT 1990 Headphones, ATCSCM 25A. Mastered in Ozone 9. Mix confirmed on iPhone.


Voodoo That You Do” is an Indie/Pop Rock song written, recorded, produced, and performed by Mitchell Dancik.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

This month’s Spotlight is a quirky message song that harkens back to the early 80’s MTV era. In his production notes, Mitchell relates that the track became a one-person production due to Covid restrictions, with the rest of The Senators sidelined for the duration. As for the results, we were instantly struck by the vibe Mitchell created here from the first listen. The 7/4 time signature, along with the synths and the slightly martial rhythm bed, snapped us right back to the days of Thomas Dolby and Gary Numan. We dug the smart panning choices that Michael implemented in the song. They provided an excellent interest and energy throughout. The vocals are wonderfully recorded, and again, Mitchell’s panning choices added some extra mojo. In keeping with recent Spotlight selections, the arrangement is well designed and executed. The major 7th chord bridge section pulls the listener in with its almost Steely Dan vibe while a distant, spiky guitar in the outro gives the lyrics an additional bite.


Vibe can be a very elusive thing to capture, but Mitchell has successfully done just that! Whether by intent or because of the lack of his other band members, the high-quality results here are both noticeable and highly personal via the lyric content. Well done, sir!


“ I Want My…”


Mitchell Dancik, [email protected]


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