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Jzade Forte   Title: L.O.S.T.   Genre: Rap   Rating:


Mac computer, Universal Audio Apollo, Image-Line FL Studio, Neumann mic, Yamaha Speakers, Yamaha Keyboard and a KRS.


“L.O.S.T.” is a rap song performed, recorded and mixed by Jzade Forte. Mastering was done by Jeson H.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

A fine solo effort here by Jzade. The slow, steady rhythm section is well-crafted and presented in the mix, with a genre-defining 808-style trap beat. The overall feel had both the rich bottom end and the sharp tap of the faux snare that is instantly recognizable.

We love the excellent panning and arrangement choices that Jzade made throughout the song. The keyboard maintains a steady presence at approximately the 2 o’clock position in the stereo field while the backing vocals dart in and out smoothly, creating interest and tension in the mix.

Speaking of the vocals, the Neumann/Universal Audio combination comes up aces here. While we are not exactly sure which models were employed, the quality level associated with each brand is beyond reproach, and the marriage between them and Jzade’s voice is excellent.

We hear no sibilance or other artifacts through our speakers and Grado Labs SR325 headphones. Kudos also for the vocal performance here, the backing vocals are tight as can be, and the rap delivers a poignant message in a powerful fashion.


As you can tell, we were quite impressed with “L.O.S.T.” The strong writing and arrangement are combined with a skilled performance, clean tracking, a solid mix and mastering—what’s not to like? As for suggestions, we’d simply say keep up the excellent work!




Jzade Forte, [email protected]


Readers’ Tracks