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Artist Name: Jamie Robinson    Title: Lucky 13    Genre:  Blues    Rating:

Equipment Used

PC with TASCAM US-122 audio interface running Steinberg Cubase 4 and IK Multimedia SampleTank 2.5 XL (drums, bass, and organ), played by Behringer UMA25S MIDI controller. Dot On Shaft JR-7 Signature guitar through effects on a BOSS BR-1600CD desktop multitrack recorder.

Production Notes & Credits

“Lucky 13” is a one-man-band blues instrumental track, “written, arranged, performed, and mixed under an hour.”

Reviewed By Marty Peters

Jamie has submitted a short but sweet track that is ideally constructed and arranged to show off his topnotch playing skills. Utilizing some well chosen and executed drum, bass, and organ sounds from his IK Multimedia SampleTank software, the music bed is tight and funky. The real star of the show, however, is Jamie’s bigtime guitar chops. The man simply owns the fretboard here, and fortunately the tones match the quality of the playing. We love the sustained Carlos Santana-meets-Mark Knopfler runs at the song’s outset, and thumbs up to Jamie for flipping to that bridge pickup tone for his fiery subsequent solos! Nice. In his production notes, Jamie tells us that he ran the guitar through a BOSS BR-1600 multitracker for his effects. That’s a cool use of an extra piece of gear, and quite effective to our way of of thinking. Our only quibble is the rather abrupt ending to the track with the major seventh-ish chord, but maybe that was us just being selfish for wanting more guitar solos!


As you can tell, we were pretty darn impressed with “Lucky 13”. Solid arrangement, monster chops, what’s not to like? As for suggestions, well, we’d love to hear a few live players bringing even more energy behind Jamie’s obvious talents. Short of that, we dig it!


The real deal.


Jamie Robinson, [email protected]

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