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David Newell I Know Your Secret


Artist Name: David Newell Title: I Know Your Secret Genre:  Rock  Rating:

Equipment Used

PC with M-Audio 24/96 soundcard and MIDI controller keyboard running Cakewalk SONAR 8 and Toontrack EZdrummer. Event Precision 8 monitors. AKG C3000 mic for vocals, Line 6 POD 2, Tech 21 SansAmp Bass DI, Fender Stratocaster, Simmons bass guitar.

Production Notes & Credits

“I Know Your Secret” is a one-man-band male vocal rock song (whew!).

Reviewed By Marty Peters

Great straightahead effort here by David, with a only a few small issues keeping it from our SPOTLIGHT feature section. Both the composition and arrangements are topnotch, giving the track a leg up throughout. We found both the programming and performances to be solid as well.

So what is keeping the track from reaching its full potential, you ask? Well, as the man said, “The devil is in the details.” The lead vocal through our monitors and Grado Labs SR325 headphones sounded thin and, at times, borderline sibilant. We also felt that the Chris Squire-style bass guitar could have benefited from a midrange boost to give it additional presence, and that the electric rhythm guitar was too narrowly centered in the stereo field, resulting in some low-midrange masking.


First of all, congrats to David for a darn good track; it is certainly in the upper percentage of the many submissions we receive. That said, the closer one gets to “perfect,” the easier it is for minor issues to be exposed as real problems.

As for suggestions, while David is in possession of a fine vocal mic, perhaps a dynamic rather than condenser would be a better fit for this rocking track. Regarding the bass, go back and listen to Yes’s classic “Roundabout” for a great example of a growling, driving bass tone. Lastly, panning the electric rhythm guitars would further open up space and clarity for the rhythm section in its rightful center position.


Almost there!


David Newell, [email protected]

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