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Charles Tuberville Title: Rocking On The River Genre: Rock  Rating:


Komplete Audio 6 interface, RODE NT2-A mic, Line 6 Pod, Fender Telecaster Shure SM57, Fender Tweed Deluxe, Fender Stratocaster,  E-MU Systems Classic Keys Model 9027 Synth, Bass and Drums – EZ Drummer 2, REAPER running on Windows 7 PC, Event 20/20 monitors.


“Rocking on The River” is a male vocal rock song. Mixed by Charles Tuberville and Walt Richmond, Music and Lyrics by Tuberville and Richmond, Guitars – Jim Byfield, Tuberville and Richmond, Bass  – Walt Richmond, Drum Programming – Walt Richmond. Mastered by Masterphonics, Nashville, TN.

Reviewed By Marty Peters

This month’s Spotlight is a catchy, rollicking number with an infectious groove and some impressive performances and programming. Reminiscent in spirit of the great J.J. Cale and later day Band, Charles and company have fashioned a good time track here. Let’s take a deeper look. Starting from the bottom up, the team have made excellent use of EZ Drummer 2 for the rhythm section. From the strong intro fill right through the end of the track, the drums and bass are kicking. We love the deep woody tone on the snare drum and the growling bass compliments it perfectly. No apologies here friends, they may be software generated but they sound great, and are presented big and bold thank you very much. Moving on to the guitars, there are  quite a few of them going on, and all of the performances are top notch in our view. Mix wise, Charles has handled them deftly, with one at approximately 10:00, another closer to noon and still another at 3:00 ( if the stereo field was a clock ) and they weave rhythmically in a way that would put a smile on Keith Richards face. Next up are the vocals, and it’s here that the J.J. Cale feel really takes hold. Charles has absolutely nailed the signature laidback, double tracked Tulsa style and we dug it! The RODE NT2-A condenser mic is a fine fit,  and the vocal displays zero harmful artifacts. Lastly, compliments to all involved for achieving a “band” energy here in the mix. While we know that the track was compiled via a combination of programming and live performances, the final mix gives off a “live” aura that is often difficult to capture under those recording conditions. Well done all around gents!


You J.J. Cale and “Jericho” era Band fans will feel right at home here with “Rocking on The River”, it’s familiar and comfy in the best of ways. For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, welcome to the party, and thanks Charles for the blueprint on “gettin’ er done”!


Love it.


Charles Tuberville, [email protected]


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