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Aspiring engineers and recording guitarists learn crucial techniques alongside shred maestro


Fort Wayne, IN, March 25, 2022 – Sweetwater Studios has announced Recording Workshop with Paul Gilbert, the latest in its ongoing series of hands-on recording workshops that bring aspiring engineers and producers into its state-of-the-art studio complex to learn alongside legendary artists and performers. The two-day workshop will focus on the shred maestro’s signature blend of guitar virtuosity and expose attendees to the techniques required for capturing epic guitar sounds in the studio. The workshop will take place April 29-30 and will be led by Sweetwater Studios’ Producer/Engineer Shawn Dealey [Counting Crows, Goo Goo Dolls, Bootsy Collins]. The cost of the event is $995 per person. For more information and to register, please click here

Sweetwater Studios Studio A
Sweetwater Studios Studio A

The workshop will take place in Sweetwater Studios’ recently updated Studio A, the perfect environment for learning hands-on recording techniques under real working conditions. Studio A’s signature mix of analog workflow – featuring a best-in-class Rupert Neve Designs 5088 as its centerpiece – and digital integration gives aspiring engineers the ‘best of both worlds’ when it comes to capturing artists in the studio. The workshop will be split evenly between live tracking and mixing, giving attendees the opportunity to take part in the process of recording from start to finish. Day 1 is focused on capturing inspiring performances with Gilbert in the studio, with special attention paid to proper mic placement technique and signal chain selection for guitar sounds. Day 2 shifts to mixing and post-production and the art of fine-tuning performances through mixing, EQing, and post-processing. The end result will be radio-ready tracks that encompass the virtuoso’s spirit, technique, and signature wit. “Paul’s gift as a guitarist is his ability to translate all of the enthusiasm he has for music onto the fretboard,” said Dealey. “He’s been a longtime friend of Sweetwater and we feel truly privileged to welcome him back into the studio.”

Whats On Your Pedalboard-Paul Gilbert
Paul Gilbert

Meet the artist

Virtuoso guitar legend Paul Gilbert is one of the most beloved modern icons of the electric guitar, known as much for his signature blend of creativity, power, and precision on the instrument as he is for his singular wit. A genuine lover of all music, Gilbert has graced some of the world’s largest stages with acts like Mr. Big and RACER-X, and has brought a progressive’s touch to pop, rock, jazz, and classical styles within his solo recordings.

Producer/Engineer Shawn-Dealey
Sweetwater Studios Producer/Engineer Shawn Dealey

Meet the instructor

Producer/Engineer Shawn Dealey has decades of experience as both a recording engineer and live sound engineer for big-name artists like Counting Crows, Goo Goo Dolls, Avril Lavigne, Santana, All-American Rejects, Billy Talent, and more. Skilled at getting the best performances out of an artist on both the live stage and in the studio, he brings a warm, organic touch to all of his sessions and Recording Workshops.

Workshop Registration is $995 per person and includes:

  • Two full days of learning at Sweetwater Studios from 9am to 5pm
  • A full, hands-on experience from start to finish, including set up, tracking, overdubbing, and mixing.
  • Lunch with Paul and Shawn

To register for Sweetwater Studios’ Recording Workshop with Paul Gilbert, please visit: https://sweetwaterstudios.com/workshops/paul-gilbert-2022/

For more information on Sweetwater Studios and upcoming Recording Workshops, please visit: http://www.sweetwaterstudios.com/

About Sweetwater Studios

Sweetwater Studios is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sweetwater Sound, Inc., the largest online music instrument retailer in the country. With three world-class studios designed by Russ Berger and access to a greater diversity of musical equipment and professional audio gear than any other recording studio in the world, Sweetwater Studios is able to accommodate just about any recording, mixing or mastering project, no matter how simple or complex. Sweetwater Studios also has an exceptional staff of producers, engineers, session musicians and studio technicians to ensure that any artist will get personalized, first-class treatment from start to finish.

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