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The Russian plant Oktava presents a unique product innovation the professional vocal scenic microphone MK-207 within the one of the world’s largest exhibitions of musical instruments and equipment THE NAMM SHOW 2021. The exhibition is being held in online format for the first time this year from 18 to 22 January. The new microphone is distinguished by innovative circuit design and traditional appearance.

MK-207 is a condenser microphone with external polarization of the capsule, wide membrane and cardioid polar pattern. The microphone is equipped with a built-in shock absorber, pop filter and wind shield and is destined for recording and sound amplification, speech, musical instruments at concert venues, in sound studios, at public events.

The developing is intended to import the studio quality of sound to the stage. The innovative circuit design provides a significantly growed frequency range (20 to 20,000 Hz), high sensitivity and low self-noise. The microphone weighs 350 grams and will be available in black. The product innovation has a design traditional for the brand, repeating the clean lines of the body of the first Russian dynamic vocal microphone Oktava MD-305. The brand came out with it to the scenic equipment market in 2020. MK-207 is the continuation of the vocal scenic microphones Oktava line of a higher class, which is designed for demanding professionals.

The organizer of the NAMM Show, the National Association of Music Producers, reimagined the format of bringing together all sectors of the industry in 2021 to help those most affected by the pandemic, and created the Believe in Music program. This is a global event for the consolidation and support of the world music scene.

“Since we cannot meet in January for security reasons, a new technology will be used at Believe in Music, it will bring us all together and will give us the opportunity to feel the incredible energy that comes when we get together. BelieveInMusic Week is an important step for our industry that will help prepare for the new year and provide new opportunities,” NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond says.

Participants of the music market and specially invited guests, who previously gathered at the NAMM Show every year, will be able to get acquainted with the latest musical technologies within the framework of Believe in Music. And this is more than 100 thousand people from 125 countries of the world.

“Despite the fact that there will be no NAMM Show exhibit in the usual format, we are announcing a pioneer product specifically at BelieveInMusic as part of the joint exposition of the MIR-MIO Association of Music Industry Participants. A special platform for online communication and work with partners and clients in real-time mode was created this year for this. I hope that the communication will be productive and many professionals will be able to get acquainted with the Oktava scenic microphone model of the new generation,” the Oktava Director of Marketing Lyubov Stalnova said.

Oktava also will present its best developings at BelieveInMusic – condenser, tube, ribbon microphones MKL-5000, MKL-111, MK-105, MK-319, MK-519 and ML-52-02. The last one was used by Marilyn Manson. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the familiar from previous exhibitions condenser microphones MK-115, MK-117, the tube microphone MKL-112 and the universal narrow-diaphragm microphone MK-012 leading in the segment of instrumental microphones with a small diaphragm. Sets based on MK-012 will be presented as another product innovation of 2020. 

Oktava offers four new sets in total – MK-012-10, MK-012-20, MK-012-30 and MK-012-40 – each of which consists of an input amplifier, -10dB attenuator, three narrow membrane capsules with different polar patterns and one additional capsule with a medium or wide membrane, making the kit unique. The natural sounding and wide frequency range of the narrow-diaphragm microphones make these ones especially appropriate for recording acoustic guitar, stringed instruments, ensembles, choirs, as well as for recording snares. Microphones with large diaphragm capsules are suitable for recording vocals – these ones have high sensitivity, add depth and volume to the sound, detail the sound and better reproduce overtones.

You can register at www.namm.org to visit the exhibition.

Oktava PJSC is a Tula plant founded in 1927 that develops and mass-produces studio microphones, selector communication microphones, hands free phone sets with microphones, hearing devices.  It was the Oktava microphone Yuri Gagarin said his famous “Off we go!” to in 1961. According to the results of 2019, the export of the Company’s studio microphones was more than 47% of all Russian exports of musical equipment. Oktava studio microphones are popular among the musicians and recording studios all around the world due to high quality and affordable price. Among the most famous names are U2, Sting, Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, Little Big, Turetsky Choir, sound producers of the Black Star label. Oktava microphones were used for post-synchronizing Hollywood and Russian films and TV series.

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