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HELSINKI, Finland, 25 January, 2024. oeksound, a manufacturer of high-quality professional audio plug-ins and creator of Soothe2 and Spiff, announces their newest plug-in, Bloom, for release in the coming months.

Bloom is an adaptive tone shaper. It analyzes the character of a signal and applies corrections to the perceived tonal balance for a more even and refined sound. This lets the user shape the tone and character of a track, for example by adding warmth, brightness, or clarity. Bloom’s adjustments are dynamic and context-aware. This makes the plug-in quick and intuitive to use and helps keep the material sounding natural even when making radical changes.

“Soothe was in the forefront of a paradigm shift in what audio professionals expect from their tools, paving the way for more automated processes in audio production, and moving from technical process- centric products to more solution-oriented processors. We feel that Bloom is the logical next step in that direction, bringing adaptive processing to every channel in your project.”

Olli Keskinen

Founder of oeksound Ltd.


When its main “amount” control is turned up, Bloom aims to make the sound more balanced. It does this in a way that is context-aware, constantly changing based on input, and tuned by ear by oeksound’s engineers. The result can work as an efficient starting point in the mixing process, offering a quick way to even out and refine the tonal characteristics of a sound.

  Four frequency balance sliders can be used to further shape the tone to taste, enabling both fine adjustments and radical transformations. These sliders change the overall tonal balance that Bloom is working towards, rather than making absolute cuts or boosts as found in an EQ. An additional squash mode engages a form of frequency- dependent compression. Other features include attack and release controls, mid/side functionality, and low latency mode.

Bloom does what people often do with an EQ, but automates a lot of the manual work, especially when working with changing material. It can also be more transparent than an EQ because of its adaptive nature. Instead of static filters, Bloom calibrates boosts and cuts in real-time to match the actual need at that moment.”

Tommi Gröhn

DSP developer, co-founder of oeksound Ltd.


Bloom is oeksound’s first studio plug-in in four years, following Soothe (2016), Spiff (2018), and Soothe2 (2020). Its philosophy is similar to oeksound’s previous plug- ins: using highly efficient algorithms, tuned by ear, to shape audio in quick and musical ways. But Bloom steps away from explicit problem-solving and towards color and tone- shaping. It can be used to fix audio, but also to sculpt it creatively.


Bloom will be available soon in VST3, AU, and AAX formats at oeksound.com.

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