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Converts any USB Type A into a Type C connector


Buena Park, CA, September 2022 Hosa Technology, Inc., the leading provider of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician, is again answering the call for more USB-C solutions with a USB Type A to Type C adapter.

USB Type C connectors are needed more and more in newer devices requiring greater power and transfer speeds. This inevitably creates compatibility issues for those users with a mixture of new and old devices and USB cables. Newer devices, such as Apple laptops, no longer incorporate USB Type A ports and instead only feature Type C, leaving users with equipment dependent on USB cables that are no longer supported.

The new Hosa GSB-314 USB Adapter resolves the issue by adapting a Type A connection to Type C, allowing you to use all previous USB connection types with the current Type C. It’s backwards- compatible up to USB 3.0 with burst speeds up to 5 Gbps, ensuring devices get the power and transfer speeds they require.

“In our 38 year history, Hosa has always been seen as the go-to for a wide array of small adapters”, adds Mayumi Allison, Hosa’s Chief Executive Officer. “As the landscape continues to change with USB- C, people with legacy equipment will look to Hosa first for these types of solutions, and we’re always looking for those gaps to fill.”

The new Hosa GSB-314 USB Adapter is available at an MSRP of $4.45.


About Hosa Technology

Headquartered in Buena Park, CA, Hosa Technology, Inc. is the leading supplier of analog and digital connectivity solutions to the musical instrument and professional audio industries. Since the company’s inception in 1984, Hosa Technology’s consumer-driven inventory has expanded to include a full line of audio, video, and computer products. Enthusiasts and professionals alike rely upon Hosa Technology to deliver world-class performance and value both on the stage and in the studio. For more information about Hosa Technology, please visit www.hosatech.com.

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