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Trilix Studio offers artists and producers a mix of analog and digital technologies

DES MOINES, Iowa. Trilix Studio — a one-of-a-kind creative production facility located in the iconic Crescent Building at the foot of the Sherman Hill neighborhood in Des Moines — is officially open for business. The facility, which serves musicians and marketing clients alike, was designed by the acoustic thought leaders at Russ Berger Design Group (RBDG) and outfitted with the latest equipment from Sweetwater Integrations.

“Trilix Studio was built for one purpose: to achieve the most refined sound experience possible,” said Brett Adams, president of Trilix Studio. “Trilix Studio is fully equipped for artists and outfitted with the latest Dolby Atmos® system to provide a fully immersive sound. It allows artists to expand their creativity and is a powerful complement to all of our video production work.”

The space

The 3,400-square-foot space boasts a robust mix of analog and digital technologies, from a 1918 Steinway grand piano and a Mara Machine 2-inch tape deck to the latest gear — all of which can be recorded and mastered through our Genelec®-powered, 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system. Trilix Studio’s central control room, Studio A, is flanked by two isolation rooms to accommodate multitrack sessions. Studio B is a dedicated podcast and stereo listening room, while Studio C houses a 5.1 surround sound video editing and coloring suite. Studio D, the soundstage and video production studio, provides multiple possibilities to craft immersive stories. Each room is purposely built and interconnected to offer plenty of flexibility.

“Trilix Studio empowers musicians and artists to experiment with a wide range of possibilities available in audio while allowing our team of in-house sound engineers and videographers to bring their visions to life,” said Adams. “Located in the heart of the Midwest, the studio serves as a central hub for artists and producers from across the region, equipping them with top-of-the-line services to maximize their sound. The facility is on par with great studios in major music cities across the country.”

Trillix Studio A

Trillix Studio Lounge


Design and acoustical vision

The studio design was brought to life by RBDG, an award-winning architectural firm that specializes in designing acoustic spaces for recording and broadcasting. RBDG is nationally renowned for their work, having designed studios for the National Football League, World Wrestling Entertainment, National Public Radio, and multiple Grammy-nominated and award-winning artists. Sweetwater and All Pro Sound collaborated with Trilix Studio on the equipment selection and installation.

“With direction from RBDG, Sweetwater and All Pro, we were able to ensure the acoustics of every space create the purest sound for artists and creators, which can’t be achieved without a specially designed facility,” said Adams. “The studio is tailored for artists and producers looking to realize their visions and broaden their craft as well as clients seeking excellence in storytelling through audio and video production.”

An added advantage to artists and producers working with Trilix Studio is they also have access to Trilix, one of the region’s premier full-service marketing agencies. They can work with Trilix’s team of marketing and advertising professionals to promote their work with services including brand development, web design, social media marketing, public relations and more. Trilix and Trilix Studio can work together to help clients share, produce and promote their stories through audio and video.

To learn more about Trilix Studio or to inquire about its services or a tour, visit TrilixStudio.com. You can also follow Trilix Studio on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to view its work and the latest studio updates. 

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