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Softube Modular Month is all about offering musicians an affordable way into the fascinating, addictive world of synthesizer-building. Grab the Modular plug-in modular synthesizer system and a few add-on modules, and before you know it you’ll be making sounds you never even imagined.

Take advantage of our great offers this month, including these fantastic 4ms modules, and thank us later!




The system itself – the magic begins here. Your Modular synthesizer system starts with six analog-modelled modules from Doepfer, the original progenitors of the Eurorack standard.

There are also 25+ utility modules so you have all the tools you need to start building your dream synth. And if you need any help or inspiration, check out the 400+ presets.

Save more than 20%—start today!

4ms SMR

4ms SMRThe Spectral Multiband Resonator module by 4ms is a very special piece of the Modular puzzle. Using six bands of filtering, it can lock to scales and create lush chordal structures with self-oscillating timbres ranging from woody to wailing. It can also quantize, output spectral data, even vocode.

Grab it for your system today for only $39!

4ms PEG

4ms PEGPEG is a Pingable Envelope Generator – it generates envelope signals when ‘pinged’; by the DAW clock, its internal looping, or any kind of input audio signal. With two independent channels, and detailed controls, this module can create rhythmic mayhem, send DAW-synced control signals, or even make sound when run at high frequencies.

Pick it up for only $23 during modular month—but hurry, as these sale prices end on November 30!


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