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SiloDNA* modeling is extremely low latency, low CPU overhead

ANAHEIM, Calif., January 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Silo SoundLabs LLC today announces the release of their first two audio plug-in products, the Trident 80B 500 Series EQ and the Trident CB9066 EQ, debuting January 16th at the NAMM 2020 Expo in Anaheim. Demos are available at the Trident Audio Developments/Silo SoundLabs Booth #15518. Both Trident EQ products utilize SiloDNA, a proprietary, patent pending modeling technology that offers extremely low CPU overhead and low latency – a true game changer for music production professionals and enthusiasts.

These Trident EQs, the first in the Vintage Series of audio plug-ins from Silo SoundLabs, capture the warmth, the punch, and the unmatchable presence of the classic analog gear, accurately recreated in the digital domain. The iconic Trident brand and its classic devices form the unshakeable foundation of recorded music.

SiloDNA proprietary DSP modeling methodology is the core technology upon which Silo SoundLabs software plug-ins are built, with low latency and extremely low CPU overhead. “Many plug-ins on the market today are incredibly demanding in terms of the system resources they require; users are often forced to purchase proprietary hardware solutions in order to host them. SiloDNA changes the status quo; our plug-ins run with ultra-low system overhead while offering unmatched sonic performance,” stated Matt Phillips, CTO and Chief DSP Architect. JD Mars, CEO of Silo SoundLabs LLC, added, “The days of freezing tracks to regain CPU power are over. Welcome to the new plug-in paradigm.”

The Trident EQ plug-ins are now available for purchase and download from the Silo SoundLabs website, www.silosoundlabs.com, with the Trident 80B EQ at $89 and the Trident CB9066 EQ at $149, USD. Products are also available for a two-week trial period. Check the Silo website for product updates and alternative purchase options.

Silo SoundLabs LLC is a rising star in DSP software solutions, dedicated to bringing quality products to market for the professional and prosumer audio and musical instruments industries. Decades of combined experience and a passion for the art and science of audio and music production has driven the development of a new digital signal processing technology with an efficiency never before measured or experienced.

More information can be found at www.silosoundlabs.com

For further enquiries, please contact [email protected]

*SiloDNA technology is patent pending

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