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With Two Limited-Edition Microphones

The R-121 25th Anniversary “Distressed Rose” Finish and R-10 25th Anniversary “Hot Rod” Microphones reflect a quarter century of excellence.


Burbank, CA… Royer Labs opened in 1998, creating an immediate industry classic with the R-121 ribbon mic. The R-121 kick-started the modern ribbon microphone movement and remains Royer’s flagship mic and best seller. The R-121, and subsequent Royer ribbon microphones, earned Royer Labs the coveted Technical Grammy in 2013.

In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, Royer Labs is pleased to announce two unique, limited-edition 25th Anniversary ribbon microphones; the R-121 “Distressed Rose” and the R-10 “Hot Rod.” Each model offers the performance attributes that make the R-121 and R-10 Studio/Live ribbon microphones so popular, but with eye-catching, unique finishes that distinguish the two mics as special, and a new transformer and performance spec given to the R-10.

The limited-edition R-121 Distressed Rose offers all the characteristics and performance that have made the R-121 Royer’s flagship mic for 25 years, but adds a stunning 25th anniversary finish that R-121 fans and collectors will find as unique and cool as they come.

The R-10 “Hot Rod” is a passive ribbon mic designed for studio and live stage use. Hand-built in the company’s Burbank, CA factory, the R-10 Hot Rod starts as an R-10, but then gets special finish flourishes that set it apart visually, and a custom Anniversary Edition transformer that gives 5dB higher output, more weight in the low and low-mid frequencies, and more open highs. The R-10 Hot Rod’s sound and performance is all Royer, with SPL handling of 160 dB (@ 1 kHz) and an integrated 3-layer wind screen system that provide extra protection to the ribbon element.

John Jennings, Royer Labs’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented on the two new 25th Anniversary edition microphones, “Royer Labs is honored to be in our 25th year of business and we are excited to release these limited edition 25th Anniversary models. The R-121’s Distressed Rose finish looks incredible, fluctuating from a dark bourbon tone when the lights are lower to a lighter rose tone under brighter lights. The R-10 Hot Rod’s trim package looks good too, and its beefed-up transformer gives it a different flavor of R-10 that we think recording and FOH engineers will really like.”

To learn more about the Royer Labs 25th Anniversary Special Limited-Edition Microphones, visit the following URLs or call Royer Labs at 818-847-0121.


About Royer Labs

Located in Burbank, California, Royer Labs’ microphones are a staple of leading recording and broadcast facilities. Royer ribbons can be found on countless albums, and they feature prominently on projects such as the Academy Awards and other high-profile events. Additional information about the entire line of Royer Labs microphones can be obtained at www.royerlabs.com.

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