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Hit’n’Mix reveals the next evolutionary stage of its multiple award-winning RipX AI DAW, with no need for waveforms, or even mouse clicks in a rapidly developing, immersive, modern music-making world. 


Coming soon… Immerse yourself in music production with RipX DAW and the reality-shifting Apple Vision Pro.

Create & edit in your own, colour-coded 3D space, and literally work outside of the box like never before. Just slip on an Apple Vision Pro headset and use your hands in a new musical multiverse of your own creation.

Imagine: A 3D display sits before you. All audio, whether live recorded, MIDI or stem separated, is presented as fully editable notes, with instruments distinguished by distance. This is a DAW unlike any other. No waveforms in sight, just pure sound as you hear it.

Then explode the music to fill your room. Walk around and interact with melody while it plays through you, just like it’s really there. This is a new way to create and enjoy sound that needs to be experienced to be believed.

Martin DAW, Hit’n’Mix CEO and the creator of RipX DAW comments:

One of our aims in recent years has been to not only create an AI DAW that simplifies and de-clutters the music-making experience, but to also innovate within the fledgling virtual music-making space. So, whilst we are delighted that RipX DAW is gaining recognition as the best and only AI DAW of its kind, we are excited to announce that soon, with Apple Vision Pro, RipX DAW will also offer a completely new, interactive, compositional experience, giving users much more freedom to view and create music in their chosen surroundings – all utilising our unique, note-based Rip audio format.” 

Travelling by plane or train, or relaxing at home or on holiday, and want to easily and effortlessly slide between editing your exciting new song or remix, playing a game, checking email or watching a movie on a giant screen? Just leave your laptop at home, slip on some Apple Vision Pro glasses, stand up, walk around, lie down and create, sample and edit with free hands, type on a virtual keyboard, allowing you more physicality, movement, flexibility & expressivity in your chosen virtual and real worlds intertwined.

Learn guitar and parts of cover songs in a completely new way: Buy and rip the tracks in RipX DAW, slip on the Apple Vision Pros, leave the house or studio, stand in the garden or on the beach and isolate the guitar layer, view the guitar chords, and play along on your guitar, and watch how they interact with other instruments and vocals all around you.

Here’s a reminder of what makes RipX DAW and RipX DAW PRO so special:

  • RipX DAW includes the world’s leading audio separation and in-the-mix note & chord editor technology. It’s possible to break down and customise output from AI Music Generators with integrated access to a leading service and 3D, immersive music-making with Apple Vision Pro. Additionally, record using a MIDI/MPE/laptop keyboard, or microphone/audio input, laying down sounds extracted from existing audio, or the built-in library. A wide range of single-click automated effects are included, allowing for plenty of experimentation.
  • RipX DAW PRO includes all of the features and functionality of the RipX DAW, then adds advanced stem and AI Music Generator clean-up, Audioshop sound manipulation tools, and pro DAW features to the workflow. Tweak sounds at the harmonic level, draw in guitar slides and vocal embellishments, and edit noise and unpitched sound without affecting the melody. Python scripting is included for complete programmatic control over audio.


Full MSRP 

  • RipX DAW $99/£99/€114
  • RipX DAW PRO $198/£198/€228

RipX DAW & RipX DAW PRO together with Apple Vision Pro are soon to be the only DAWs on the market that offer:

  • The world’s first Spatial & 3D AI DAW, allowing for immersive music-making.
  • MIDI and audio ‘as one’ – no separate audio and MIDI tracks. Once MIDI and audio are inside RipX DAW they are in Rip Audio format, and all features including editing and effects can be applied, no matter what.
  • 6+ tracks of stem/instrument separation each of which can be independently muted, soloed, extracted and adjusted.
  • Further separation of stems/instruments into fully editable notes, chords and unpitched sounds.
  • The ability to customise, clean-up, transform and rearrange ideas directly from AI Music Generators.
  • Sound blending and substitution – blend and replace instruments and sounds with different instruments and sounds to adapt and be creative with performances.
  • The world’s first audio separation sampler – rip your song into layers, add sounds from them to the Sounds Panel, then re-perform with a controller into a new or existing layer.
  • Advanced remixing capabilities even within ‘fixed’ stereo audio files.
  • Note and chord recognition to help musicians learn parts to songs.
  • A user-friendly, note-based interface – for transparent pitch/time-based editing and effects, with instant visual feedback.
  • Colour-coded notes and Layers used throughout to enable a clearer understanding of the music and applied effects. 
  • The ability to apply/randomise scales and keys of newly separated stems, all in one app.
  • One-click effects, sound replacement and Combo Effects – quick and easy to set-up, tweak and combine, versus stock DAW plugins and chained plugins.
  • Ripping of favorite VST3 instruments – to re-perform and manipulate in any way imaginable.
  • Unprecedented control over notes, harmonics, noise and unpitched sound using Audioshop tools, the Harmonic Editor, Repair Panel and RipScript Python scripting. 
  • The ability to import your own background images to set the mood


What Top Professionals are Saying about RipX DAW


“RipX has made the most utilitarian software for Musical Directors that I’ve seen in ages. I am now able to dissect and interact with audio files in a way that only a few years ago I couldn’t fathom.”

Nolan Frank – Musical Director, Keyboardist & Multi-Instrumentalist – Justin Bieber, Noah Cyrus, Grace Vanderwaal


“RipX allows me to manipulate music in ways I didn’t think were possible. Both a corrective and creative tool, RipX turns audio files into beautiful silly puddy. I can incorporate AI generated musical ideas and alter them to fit my project perfectly.”

Cary Singer – Producer, Composer, Guitarist & AI Enthusiast – Big Sean, Clairo, PVRIS


“Using the new RipX DAW, I’ve been able to transform what would have been unlistenable & robotic sounding AI generations into beautiful, human sounding musical pieces.”
Riley Knapp – Platinum-Selling Songwriter & Producer – Julia Michaels, Niall Horan


“I am having a lot of fun with RipX… I love it!”

Fatboy Slim – Grammy, MTV & Ivor Novello Award-Winning Artist, Music Producer, Remixer & DJ

Trials, Downloads and Purchasing

A 21-day free trial for RipX DAW PRO can be downloaded from hitnmix.com/download_ripx/

Full licences can be purchased from Hit’n’Mix‘s resellers or on-line via hitnmix.com/buy-ripx/.  

RipX DAW for Windows & Mac System Requirements 

  • macOS 10.12+ (2011 & later models, including M1/M2) / Windows 7/8/10/11 (64-bit)
  • Minimum: 2 Core 2.5GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, 20 GB Free Disc Space
  • Recommended: 4+ Core CPU / Apple Silicon M1/M2, 16+ GB RAM, 20 GB Free Disc Space
  • For Much Faster Ripping Speeds on Windows 10/11: NVIDIA GeForce 1070/1080/1080Ti/2070/2080/2080Ti/3070/3080/3090/40XX with 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.0 installed (free download)

NOTE: Product pricing, features, specifications, system requirements, and availability are subject to change without notice.


About Hit’n’Mix    

Hit’n’Mix Ltd develops and sells RipX DAW audio workstation software via a global dealer network and directly at hitnmix.comRipX, RipX DAW, RipX DAW PRO, Hit’n’MixFuture Audio Workstation, Spatial DAW, Immersive DAW and Audioshop are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hit’n’Mix Ltd.

RipX- DAW AVP Immersive
RipX DAW AVP Immersive
Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

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