Santa Cruz, CA Antares Audio Technologies, creators of Auto-Tune®, the GRAMMY®-award winning software and the industry standard for vocal production, announces the immediate release of Vocal De-Esser.

Vocal De-Esser is an innovation in low-latency vocal processing, incorporating artificial intelligence and a custom-trained model that uses machine learning to detect and control sibilance in the human voice. This specialized training allows it to remove undesirable “Ess” sounds in real-time without compromising the vocal characteristics or tone, resulting in a smoother and more pleasant listening experience.

Vocal De-Esser Light GUI
Vocal De-Esser Dark GUI

The Vocal De-Esser features a straightforward and user-friendly interface that allows for quick and easy operation. It includes two specific Sibilant Controls for managing (S, Sh, Z) and (T, Ch, K) vocal sounds, a Solo button for monitoring sibilance alone, a Link button for connecting the two sibilant controls, and an Assist button for activating the AI function.

Vocal De-Esser Key Features:

  • Real-time AI Vocal De-Essing
  • Custom AI model trained on the human voice
  • Extremely simple and easy to use GUI
  • Specific controls for taming soft (S, Sh, Z) and hard (T, Ch, K) sibilant vocal sounds
  • Low Latency Processing


  • FREE for Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers at $24.99/mo or $174.99/year (equivalent to $14.58/mo if paid annually).
  • Perpetual license: $99. Includes one FREE month of Auto-Tune Unlimited


About Antares Audio Technologies

Antares Audio Technologies is the creator of Auto-Tune®, the GRAMMY®-award winning vocal production software. As “the sound of the 21st century,” Auto-Tune has revolutionized the music

industry and is used in the vast majority of The Billboard Hot 100 tracks. In 2020, Antares released Auto-Tune Unlimited, one of the music industry’s fastest growing and most influential subscription offerings. Antares’ mission is to be the global leader in vocal processing for music, podcasting, gaming, social, and other spoken word applications. The company was founded in 1997 and remains at the cutting edge of technology and culture, with over a million copies of its software sold to date.

Go to Auto-Tune.com to learn more.

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