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Slate Digital and Solid State Logic confirm plan to help move terminated Gobbler customers to their new subscription platform, including FREE subscription offer.


Chessington November 1st, 2023 — As of November 1st 2023, Gobbler Media Inc have confirmed on their website they are no longer trading and have closed their subscription marketplace immediately, terminating support for all Slate Digital and Solid State Logic subscriptions.

In response, Audiotonix companies Solid State Logic and Slate Digital have launched a migration programme to allow Gobbler users to transfer their existing accounts to their new shared subscription platform, which will guarantee continued access to their favourite subscription and ongoing new plug-ins.

Slate Digital Gobbler subscribers can find all the details on their website via the migration landing page here. Solid State Logic Gobbler subscribers can find all the details on their website via the migration landing page here.

James Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix states, “Unfortunately, we have been aware of Gobbler’s situation this past week and our first reaction has been to take care of our existing Gobbler subscriber customers and make sure their workflows are protected with ongoing access to our plug-ins.

As a thank you to our loyal subscribers, at the time of transfer they will be given the opportunity to take on both subscriptions for the price of one. This, we hope, makes up for the inconvenience of doing the move, and this promotion will continue as long as you continue to renew your subscription.

Existing Slate Digital customers on our own platform, or who have historically already moved from Gobbler to our platform, please don’t worry as you will also be given the option to upgrade for free and get access to the SSL Complete subscription at no extra cost. Due to the urgency of moving our Gobbler clients across we are working with them initially, but your turn will come as we will start to offer this promotion to all through November.

Unfortunately, if you are currently not a subscriber, this offer will not apply at this time…

This is clearly not an ideal situation for our Gobbler customers but we hope the speed with which we have been able to react, and the additional benefits this combined subscription will offer, will more than outweigh the short term aggravation and confusion, And, dare I say, we have some impressive additions coming from Slate Digital, SSL and Harrison in the coming months and, as a “Complete Access” customer, you will benefit from them all.”

Current Gobbler subscribers can find more information at the Slate Digital and Solid State Logic websites.


About Audiotonix

Audiotonix is a global market leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of professional audio mixing consoles and ancillary products. With innovative solutions from premium audio brands Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiCo, DiGiGrid, KLANG:technologies, Solid State Logic, and Sound Devices, our products are used extensively in live sound, broadcast, theatre production, installations, house of worship, film production, and recording studios globally.


About Slate Digital

Slate Digital makes audio plug-ins, recording equipment, sample packs, and production tutorial content for music producers and engineers. Based in Los Angeles and Grenoble, Slate Digital was founded in 2010 with the goal of empowering producers at all levels of experience create great-sounding music. https://slatedigital.com/


About Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast, live and audio production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit: www.solidstatelogic.com

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