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Bringing Powerful New Features, Customization Options to its PATCH Systems Series

PATCH APP v2.1 makes patching audio hardware both simple and intuitive, while enabling users to adapt settings to their own preferences and workflows

Kelowna, Canada – December 8, 2020 – Flock Audio, the company that has revolutionized modern-day audio patching, announced a significant update to its PATCH APP software, which works seamlessly with PATCH, PATCH LT and soon the PATCH XT model. PATCH APP v2.1, available as a free download, introduces several new features and promises a new, customizable user experience.

In addition to sporting a new modernized aesthetic that cleans up several windows and menu items, PATCH APP v2.1 adds functionality to help make workflow even faster and more intuitive — whether you are using PATCH for tracking, mixing or mastering. New features include toggle selections at the bottom of each signal path (solo, mute and clear), making it easy to solo or mute entire signal paths — this helps auditioning, choosing and implementing outboard signal chains as fast and easy as working inside a DAW.

Flock Audio Patch MacbookApp GraphicFrom a performance perspective, PATCH APP v2.1 is now up to 60 percent faster when recalling specific routing paths — this makes A/B-ing, auditioning and implementing specific signal chains less time consuming. Additionally, the new software update brings new ways to access hardware from the active routing grid, while introducing several new key commands that speed navigation of the user interface.

“As PATCH APP continues to evolve, we believe Flock Audio is bringing engineers and producers a revolutionary new way of working with outboard gear — and particularly complex patching scenarios,” commented Darren Nakonechny, CEO and Founder of Flock Audio. “PATCH APP v2.1 makes working with your racks of favorite outboard preamps, dynamics and processors as easy as working inside a DAW.”

Some of the new features in PATCH APP v2.1 include:

  • A cleaner, modernized interface aesthetic
  • Solo, mute and clear buttons on complete analog routing paths
  • New key command additions / hardware index access directly from active routing grid
  • Improved stored/recalled routing loading times
  • New customization window and options for user preferences
  • Auto hidden 48V phantom power controls to deliver 48v only to chosen devices
  • New active routing grid navigation options

Only what you need to see

Working with multiple devices, DAWs and racks of equipment can be cumbersome and complicated. Therefore, the new PATCH APP v2.1 makes it easy for users to see only what they need to see.  In the new software, users can change customizable settings in the user preferences menu to show or hide various options / functions, enabling a cleaner UI and a more intuitive view. This makes the PATCH experience more customizable to the ways you work — functions that are hidden from view can be always added later as needed.

To learn more about how PATCH APP can improve your workflow, please visit https://www.flockaudio.com/patchapp. Or, to access the download, please visit https://www.flockaudio.com/downloads.

About Flock Audio

Flock Audio Inc. is a pro audio manufacturer based in Kelowna, Canada, founded in 2018. The company is best known for its PATCH System Series, which is a Digitally controlled, 100% Analog Patch bay routing solution for professional audio environments. For more information on Flock Audio and its products, please visit the company website at http://www.flockaudio.com.

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