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Ferrofish Expands Pulse16 Series with New +24dBu Options for Dante, MADI & ADAT Network Connectivity

The latest models follow the recent expansion of the line of the converters that included the Pulse16 CV & Pulse16 24dBu

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, April 8, 2021 — Leading German converter manufacturer Ferrofish has expanded its popular family of Pulse16 converters to include the new Pulse16 MX +24dBu and Pulse16 DX +24dBu. These new Pulse16 AD/DA converters increase the maximum input and output level from +20dBu to +24dBu — an important upgrade for American broadcasters requiring proper headroom, while providing MADI and ADAT connectivity with the MX model and MADI, ADAT and Dante connectivity with the DX model.
“By expanding the Pulse16 family even further, in addition to offering broadcasters more headroom, Ferrofish is also offering multiple connectivity options,” said Derek Badala, Director of Sales, Americas for Synthax, distributor of Ferrofish. “These cost-effective and high-performing converting solutions are just the latest way Ferrofish is helping broadcaster get the most out of their audio experience.”

Pulse16 MX +24dBu

In addition to increasing the maximum input and output levels from +20dBu to +24dBu — which complies with the American SMPTE guidelines calling for +24dBu levels for the analog portion to keep all analog and digital levels uniform — the new Pulse16 MX +24dBu model features seamless ADAT and MADI integration. As two of the most widely used digital interfaces available, this addition will allow broadcasters to transmit an audio signal over a simple optical MADI cable pair, making high-end multi-channel recording a non-issue. Fanless and compact, the Pulse16 MX takes up 1HU space in a rack, making for the ultimate choice when high-end conversion is needed.

Pulse16 DX +24dBu

Similar to the Pulse16 MX +24dBu, the DX model features increased input/output levels and MADI and ADAT connectivity but brings Dante connectivity into the mix — opening up a new dimension of flexibility. Fanless and compact, the 1HU device is the ultimate audio problem solver for broadcasters, wherever high-end, multi-format conversion is needed in the Dante network.

High-Performance Ready

The Pulse16 is a high-density converter providing 16 x 16 balanced analog TRS I/O and is relied on by some of the biggest names in recording. Thanks to its Cirrus Logic converter chips, the Pulse16 operates with an active digital jitter elimination, which compensates shifts or jitters in the audio signal and provides audio engineers with the highest-quality audio possible. The Pulse16 family now includes the Pulse16 DX, Pulse16 MX and the original Pulse16.

In addition to the new Pulse16 MX +24dBu and Pulse16 DX +24dBu models, Ferrofish also recently announced a new Pulse16 MX CV and Pulse16 DX CV, perfect for users working with modular synths using CV/Gate technology.

For more information, visit ferrofish.com.

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