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SALT LAKE CITY – The legendary name in the world of loopers, Digitech® announces the JamMan® Solo HD building upon the brand’s legacy by improving the already powerful functionality of the unit it succeeds, the JamMan Solo XT – still all in a compact, stompbox-sized package.

The Solo HD’s onboard memory is good for 35 minutes of stereo looping, with an additional 200 slots and up to 16 hours of recording time via a micro SD card. That’s a lot of processing power to facilitate more than half a day’s worth of studio wizardry, solo performances, or creative stage work! The most notable upgrade: the JamMan Solo HD now boasts improved high-definition audio performance courtesy of a powerful next generation 32-bit A-D/D-A Audio Converter.

The JamMan Solo HD’s intuitive UI makes navigating its potent lineup of built-in features a breeze. A color-coded Status LED shows whether the user is recording, playing, or overdubbing. The Loop Level Control dial allows the player to dial in the output level of a loop, while the Rhythm Level Control dial controls the output level of the Rhythm Guide Track – no muss, no fuss!

Fan-favorite features of the XT remain on this newly upgraded model: stereo looping, selectable Stop Modes, Auto Record, and the game-changing JamSync feature, which allows multiple JamSync compatible devices to be synchronized together. Via the two 1/8” jacks for JamSync in/out, users can plug in, send output to the rest of a signal chain, and then establish the HD as either a master or slave, when connecting more than one compatible loopers together. With JamSync, more than one musician can pair up to use the considerable creative potency of the most famous name in looping technology.

While all these features set the JamMan Solo HD apart from everyone else, what makes it impressive is its ability to connect to either a PC via USB mini jack to transfer loop files to and from the JamMan Solo HD using the JamManager™ HD loop librarian software.

For nearly 30 years, JamMan has been the industry leader in bringing innovative looping technology to the masses and with the new JamMan Solo HD, DigiTech has once again raised the bar. From coffee-houses to subway platforms, backyard parties to arena stages, the recording studio to the living-room, DigiTech’s updated Solo HD is the pinnacle of compact stereo phrase looper development.

Availability: July 4th, 2024. 

Retail: $249.99 USD



Dimensions: 5”x2.75”x2.1” (L x W x H)

Weight: ~10.8 lbs.


2 x ¼” instrument

1/8” Aux in

¼” 3- Button Footswitch

1/8” JamSync


2 x ¼” instrument (L/R)

1/8” JamSync

Other I/O: USB

Chassis Material: All Metal

Power Supply: PS0920DC-01 power supply

Warranty: 1 Year


Learn more about the new DigiTech JamMan Solo HD and hear a demo at www.digitech.com.

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