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Enrollment deadline for the 29th Annual USA Songwriting Competition is fast approaching. Songwriters and Composers vie for a chance to win a top prize of $50,000 worth of cash and merchandise such as music gear. Winning songs will be receiving radio airplay. Songwriters can enter in 15 different song categories such as: Pop, Rock/Alt, Folk, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Instrumental, etc.

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Los Angeles songwriter Will Carpenter (pictured) won the Overall Grand Prize as well as the first prize of the Rock Category category of the 28th Annual USA Songwriting Competition with his song “Get Loud”, Will is part of the Rock group “Ships Have Sailed”. He wrote the song along with co-writer Abby Posner. The song is now receiving radio airplay. The song was recently featured at the LA Kings NHL game last month.

“OMG, this is totally unreal!!! I have personally been entering the competition for years now, and have won honorable mention and even won the second overall prize one year, but to win the overall grand prize is just amazing. This song was written as a protest song for anyone that has had their rights stripped away.  We want it to be a universal anthem for those that feel like they have to continue to push for positive changes, for human rights, and for equality. We are both going to continue to make art that reflects the times Thank you so much for this incredible honor, we’re speechless and so very grateful!”, said Will Carpenter and Abby Posner, Top Winner of 28th Annual USA Songwriting Competition.


USA Songwriting Competition has a long history of having winners getting recording and publishing contracts, have their songs placed on the charts as well as having their songs placed on film and television, and winning Grammy Awards.

USA Songwriting Competition winner from 2017, Wouter Kellerman has earned himself a Grammy award last year. From South Africa and now living in Australia, Wouter won the First Prize of the 2017 USA Songwriting Competition in the instrumental category with his song “Soweto Travels”.

Andrew Jannakos, Top Winner of 25th Annual USA Songwriting Competition (2020), was signed to Sony Music Nashville, hit #65 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. 

2018 Top Winner David Wilcox received radio airplay for his winning song “We Make the Away by Walking”.

2013 winner American Authors were signed to Island Records, and hit #1 on the Billboard Charts and went 6X Platinum, selling over 6 million copies.  The deadline to enter is May 31st. For more information, visit: songwriting.net

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