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A selection of 34 precision-engineered effects for studio mixing and creative production


From authentic analog emulations to innovative modern plugins – engineered to make your sound impactful and bring it to life.

_A range of technical mixing tools for all your mixing needs.

_Limitless possibilities to find your unique sound.


_FX Collection 5 now includes 34 titles, including compressors, bus enhancers, modulations, tape, preamps, reverbs, delays, filters, distortions and creative tools.

_From vintage to modern: FX Collection 5 combines authentically modelled studio emulations with brand new effects.

_In-app tutorials: learn every effect and parameter in detail to get the most out of any sound.

_Seamless workflow with over 1400 factory presets: enjoy intuitive preset browsing, low-latency performance, and streamlined GUIs

_Compatibility: Full NKS VST3 support and compatible with Apple M series processors

_Accessibility: Real-time text-to-speech feedback on presets, parameters, and values for visually-impaired users.

_Hi-res 4K interfaces


_What’s New?



_Creative Movement Shaper
Combines musical movement, mix dynamics, and creative audio tools into a powerful effect plugin to give your music the momentum, variety, and pure sonic excitement it deserves.

_5 audio processing modules
_Customized trigger
_2FX slots with 14 FX types
_Motion editor



_Versatile Unison Effect
Stereo multi-effect combining unison-based processing with a variety of secondary effects and modulation options. Enrich, texturise and transform any sound, from experimental distortions to detuned harmonics.

_Unison refraction engine
_5 Mode FX
_47 built-in presets
_12 Harmonizer Chords




Bus Exciter-104 reinvents the classic audio signal enhancer. With a dual module architecture, simple-to-use workflow and faithful design – bring your mix to life or add that pro-edge to instrument and vocal tracks.

_Real time visualizer
Visually see the frequencies selected by the Bass and Exciter modules and observe how the processing effect adds spectral content

_Output Equalizer
Easily tweak the output level of each frequency shelf, for that little extra bass or tapered high-hat shimmer.

Extend the high frequencies for greater perceived loudness. Adjust harmonics to control the texture and detail of the processed signal.

A simple master gain output for the effect which lets you blend between the dry and wet signal and find that perfect balance for your desired sound.


Arturia FX Collection 5 Bus Peak


An intuitive audio effect that combines Tone Control,Clipper and Limiter features alongside comprehensive metering to ensure optimal loudness in your mix while preserving detail and clarity.

_Versatile Sonic Limiter
Add some energy to your entire mix for or to an instrument track, like a vocal or lead guitar, to help it sit prominently in the mix without getting lost or causing distortion.

_Professional Metering
Industry-standard loudness metering and True Peak control that prevents digital clipping and distortion.

_Loud and Clear
Increase the overall volume of your mix without introducing unwanted distortion or sacrificing clarity

_User Friendly
A streamlined interface with a reduced number of controls, focusing only on the essential ones that matter.


_10 Thing to have fun with

[On Bus Exciter-104]_Get the Pop Vocal
The exciter module brings a presence to the mids and highs of your sound. Using the “Vocal Presence” preset on your track gives you instant vocal production results, perfectly blending those vocals into the mix.

[On Bus Exciter-104]_Phat Bass
The big bass module provides a robust bass sound. I like to set it around 80Hz for the deep body, then add a little exciter to enhance the percussive nature and presence. A few tweaks and your bass will sound PHAT.

[On Bus Exciter-104]_Drum Bus
The Exciter-104 can yield excellent production results for drums. I typically tune the bass module around 50/80Hz to bring out the kick in the bus and use the exciter around 4kHz to bring the hi-hats to life, so simple but very effective.

[On Bus Peak]_Professional Polish
Add that final touch to give your track a professional, polished sound. Achieve a clean and refined finish that stands out.

[On Bus Peak]_Integrated Clipping and Limiting
Benefit from the combined clipper and limiter, allowing for seamless integration. The unified UI and combined gain reduction (GR) curves make it easy to balance the character of clipping and the presence of limiting.

[On Bus Peak]_Dynamic EQ
Utilize the contouring modules as a dynamic EQ for precise sound shaping, rebalancing, and creative processing. Perfect for detailed sound design and mixing adjustments.

[On Efx Motions]_Rhythmic Groove & Gates
Create various pumping effects and transform flat, repetitive rhythms into groovy sequences using the shapes and dynamics modules.

[On Efx Motions]_Build-ups & Transitions
Build up energy and release it at the drop! Add cool ways to transition between the different phases of your track. I like to use the sequence and riser presets for quick, instant results here.

[On Efx Refract]_Refraction
The Refraction section of the plugin duplicates your input into up to 8 stereo voices, depending on the “Voices” parameter. The “Amount” increasingly detunes and modulates each voice against one another to widen them. You can use this on its own to thicken and widen your input sound.

[On Efx Refract]_Mode FX
The plugin comes with five additional Mode FX (BandPass Filter/Comb Filter/Bitcrusher/Distortion/Harmonizer) which are added onto each Refracted voice and processed individually, before being summed back up at the output. This unique setup allows for new, wild, and creative results with only a few simple controls.




Arturia FX Collection 5 lifestyle photo

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