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Antelope Audio is extremely proud to announce the release of Synergy Core Native, the acclaimed recreations of modeled analog hardware will now run on macOS and Windows without a DSP interface. Antelope’s engineers spent years researching, measuring, and testing the originals this complex modeling process has now been transferred from proprietary FPGA chips in Antelope interfaces to the native domain. Effects modeling is available direct to the workstation, regardless of DAW and interface of choice – increasing the portability of mix sessions and extending workflow possibilities with membership options to suit the needs and pockets of a wide range of users. A library of 38 plugins is available under the Synergy Core Native membership plan, with more plugins in active development and regular updates to the plugin library free of charge.

A full selection of sonic tools

Nine types of dynamics plugins span tube hardware from the Chess records era like the Tubechild 670, to the VCA and discrete big-console classics of the ‘90s like the COMP-4K-STRIP, modeling iconic studio pieces that have earned their place in recording history. The OPTO-2A plugin recreates a leveling amplifier renowned for its warm sound and gentle compression character.

Antelope Native Synergy Core Sonic Tools

Over 15 Native EQ plugins offer a wide menu of tone sculpting, from the well-known BAE 1073 classic to exclusive recreations of rare

hardware pieces like the Filtek-Mk3. Known for its unique ‘British’ sound, the original 1073 was used on Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, and is famous for its punchy sound with a midrange boost that cuts through. The Filtek MK3, designed by Stefan Sulke in the 1970´s, was built to the rigorous standards demanded by the IRT (Institut für Rundfunk Technik). The overlapping parametric bands and variable high and low pass filters make extreme surgical EQ possible; the exclusive-to-Antelope Filtek plugin retains the versatility of the original with its ‘sparkly’ high end. Also exclusive to Antelope’s modeled EQ armory is an esoteric all-tube graphic EQ made by Blonder-Tongue Laboratories in 1959, featuring 9 frequency bands with a 28dB control range per band.

Synergy Core Native has a full complement of delays, flangers, chorus modulators and vibrato plugins. The analog modeled Memory Cat plugin recalls the ‘80s Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man pedal, which featured simulated analog tape-echo using capacitors –Bucket Brigade Delay famously used by U2’s The Edge and The Cure’s Robert

Smith. Similar circuitry is modeled for the BBD-Chorus plugin, and there’s also a more futuristic Multi-Voice Chorus plugin capable of producing up to 12 different voicings based on the source material.

Meticulous modeling

Synergy Core Native’s ever-evolving plugin library gives access to sought-after vintage units that have shaped the sound of countless hits.

Antelope is committed to preserving rare and expensive pieces of analog audio engineering history and offering their unique capabilities to the next generation of music creators, while developing new plugins and presets to add to the Native library.

Antelope Native Synergy Core Complete

The complete Synergy Core Native library is provided in AAX, VST3, and AU formats and is available now via a €14.95 monthly membership plan, or as an annual €149 plan with two months free. Antelope Audio users will benefit from tailor-made Native plugin library offers, available via their user accounts. Licensing is by iLok Cloud or iLok USB (2nd gen or higher), and a 14-day free trial is available.



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Antelope Audio is a leading manufacturer of high-end professional audio equipment. Founded in 2004, the company is best known for its flawless master clock technologies and versatile multi-channel interface solutions. Under the guidance of visionary engineer and CEO Igor Levin, Antelope Audio continues to expand its portfolio by offering the best of both analog and digital technologies. The company’s customers include GRAMMY® award- winning recording engineers, top-tier producers, world-class artists, as well as some of the most renowned recording, mastering, and post-production facilities around the world.

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