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Your Studio

Find articles about everything in your studio and how to use it.

Acoustics & Monitoring

People spend thousands of dollars on mics, mixers, effects, computers, and plug-ins, and wonder why their music sounds awful... when they're sitting in untreated rooms and listening to poor-quality speakers that aren't placed right. Learn to deal with these critical issues FIRST!

Studio Infrastructure

You never think about stuff like cables, patchbays, or clean power, until something in your studio sounds worse than it should. Learn what you need to know before you get in trouble.


Help! Something's gone wrong! What to do?? Take a deep breath, don't panic, and learn basic techniques for attacking the things that attack your sessions.


Broken gear either sounds bad or doesn't work at all. Well maintained gear doesn't break as often and leads to happier clients and better sessions. A word to the wise...

Analog Tape

Analog tape is still much beloved for its natural compression and warm tone, but recording musicians in the digital age may not understand the care and feeding of this sometimes finicky medium.


Working with microphones and understanding how they do things can lead to better mic and placement choices... and better music.

Studio Outfitting

You've got a room for your studio and are ready to set it up. Um, now what? Here's some solid advice on getting started with your mic closet and other critical items.

Kef America LS50 Wireless

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