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Sonja by Sonarworks provides songwriters, musicians and sound engineers with AI-driven creative assistance

Riga, Latvia – April 1, 2020 – Sonarworks, the European company behind precision audio calibration software Reference 4, has announced the upcoming May 2020 release of a new, paradigm-shifting technology that promises to revolutionize the future of digital music-making with the world’s first AI producer — Sonja. Combining cutting-edge AI technologies with simulated Swedish songwriting talent, Sonja is programmed with the sum total of human knowledge in music theory, audio engineering, and musical instruments in order to assist artists, producers, and audio engineers in perfecting their music by providing instant constructive criticism and gentle encouragement designed to maximize productivity. All of this is provided by an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that automatically adjusts to users’ skill-levels and needs.

“While we’ve been pleased to offer our customers accurate digital audio calibration for monitoring, we decided to invest our resources in a revolutionary technology that brings Sonarworks to the forefront of digital capabilities for music creators working from their homes,” said Sonarworks Co-Founder Martins Popelis. “With the development of Sonja, our R&D team has truly taken music making at home to the next level.

“Using the state-of-the-art AI technology, Sonja maximizes the music maker’s ability to focus on creativity by providing users with a constant stream of suggestions and corrections, so that the music practically writes and produces itself! For sound engineers, Sonja will instantly identify what’s wrong with your mix and offer solutions for refining your sound. In addition, for musicians practicing their instruments, ‘Sonja’ is skilled in just about every musical instrument and will help you constantly improve your skills by providing criticism and encouragement.”

Ideal for music making hobbyists, entry level musicians, and audio engineers with little-to-no experience in music production, Sonja by Sonarworks offers the creative assistance you’ve been looking for at a price that’s affordable to everyone.

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Sonarworks Sonja

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About Sonarworks

Sonarworks was founded in 2012 when two music lovers met a scientist and embarked on a mission to deliver the ultimate sound experience for anyone creating or listening to music. Sonarworks is the leading sound calibration company in the sound recording industry. The company’s technology is in use by more than 40,000 recording studios worldwide, including more than 35 Grammy winners who enjoy and endorse Sonarworks. Now we are on a mission to take this even further – deliver the ultimate sound experience to all music listeners, regardless of the device used, be it headphones, speakers, or car stereo — individually personalized.