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Tucson, AZ – Cloud Microphones, maker of the original, award-winning Cloudlifter, has unveiled their latest addition to the Cloudlifter family. The brand new Cloudlifter X offers a custom-designed Cinemag transformer along with two selectable output levels that expand the range of output gain offered by the industry standard CL-1.

Featuring Cloud’s signature ultra-clean gain, the nickel-core Cinemag transformer delivers an incredible amount of bandwidth at normal input levels, and can also provide a variable amount of harmonic content and saturation as the input signal is increased, adding extremely musical flavors to the CL-X’s output, which can change dynamically based on the input level of the source material.

“Our customers love the CL-1 for its ultra-clean, transparent gain,” says CEO Rodger Cloud. “With the addition of a custom transformer, the CL-X will respond to different sources and input levels, returning ultra-clean gain with varying levels of character and mojo. We like to say ‘the more signal you give it, the more love it will give back’.”

Inspired by the two-position More/Max switch found on the Cloudlifter Z, the default setting (up to 12dB) on the CL-X is ideal for use with hotter signals like an SM57 on a snare, whereas the “Max” setting (up to 36dB) is perfectly suited for quieter source material such as acoustic instruments, podcasting, ASMR, or even Foley.

“The CL-X is the perfect companion piece for CL-1 owners,” says Cloud. “The additional gain settings – neither of which can be found on the CL-1 – combined with the sonic flavor of the transformer opens up a whole new world of Cloudlifting possibilities.”

The Cloudlifter X carries a $269 MSRP with a MAP price of $229, and is currently shipping.

About Cloud Microphones

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Cloud’s ribbon mics and Cloudlifter Mic Activators rank among some of the most acclaimed products in the professional audio industry. All of Cloud’s products are made regionally from start to finish, creating jobs and benefiting small businesses. This includes manufacturing in Tucson, Phoenix and on the Navajo Nation.

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