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As the world steps into the new year, Soyuz Microphones is proud to celebrate its milestone 11th anniversary with the announcement of an expansive new product lineup for 2024 and beyond. A clue as to why Soyuz chose to celebrate 11 years instead of 10 can be found in the nomenclature of their microphones (017, 013, 023).

The Tulean Explosion

Soyuz’s passionate team of engineers, machinists, and artists are firing on all cylinders allowing them to simultaneously develop and release a wave of new products and innovations. Aptly named the “Tulean Explosion”, (after their factory in Tula) this initiative marks a new era of creative expansion and diversification for Soyuz, reminiscent of the transformative Cambrian Explosion of life in Earth’s history.

A New Wave of Creative Tools from Soyuz:

  • 11th Anniversary Wax Brass Bomblet (Limited Edition): In commemoration of its 11th anniversary, Soyuz is introducing the limited-edition Wax Brass Bomblet. An exclusive series of just 53 microphones, this special edition transforms the 023 Bomblet Condenser with a substantially heavier, unlacquered brass body and a unique wax finish that will age and develop a stunning patina over time. As a tribute to Soyuz’s love of space, science, and sound, each of these 53 limited mics contains fragments of a meteorite soldered into its circuitry, merging the allure of the cosmos with the Bomblet’s distinct sonic signature.
  • 013 Ambisonic Microphone: Responding to the surge in immersive audio formats like Dolby ATMOS, VR, and Sony 360, Soyuz has developed the 013 Ambisonic microphone. Featuring four handmade 25mm capsules from the acclaimed 013 series, this mic is a groundbreaking shift to the current trend of mostly smaller electret capsules and captures sound with extraordinary depth and realism. The 013 Ambisonic, further equipped with four custom transformers, is poised to set a new standard for ambisonic microphones and recording.
  • The Lakeside Series (Preamps, Channel Strips, Outboard): Soyuz introduces the first in a new line of outboard recording equipment, The Lakeside Series preamp. Designed and manufactured completely in-house, this single-channel preamp features Soyuz’s custom transformers, discrete circuitry, a direct HI-Z input, a sweepable high pass filter, and a stand-out design that is unmistakable Soyuz. The Lakeside Preamp is a perfect pairing with any Soyuz microphone and is sure to provide the same distinct character to any other mic in a collection.
  • 011 FET Small Diaphragm Condensers: The 011 FET delivers a brand new sound to the world of small diaphragm condenser microphones. Soyuz has once again developed an original capsule, unlike anything in the past. With a transformerless design and a smaller size than Soyuz’s flagship SDCs, (the 013 series), Soyuz seeks to make the 011 FETS widely accessible – offering a superior sound experience in a compact and affordable package. Available in black and nickel finishes, the 011 FET is bound to become a new favorite for transformerless SDC pairs.

Soyuz Invites You to Preview the Future at NAMM 2024

Soyuz Microphones invites all artists, audio professionals, creative enthusiasts, and the media to preview their lineup at the 2024 Winter NAMM show. Join them at booth 14204 to experience firsthand the entire range of current products and new additions and discover the original sounds that Soyuz has to offer.

About Soyuz Microphones

Established in 2013, Soyuz Microphones combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative design to create original microphones and audio equipment of unparalleled quality. Soyuz stands as a symbol of unity and alliance between diverse cultures and is dedicated to creating products that inspire artists of all types while capturing sound with clarity and depth.


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