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Novato / Shanghai / Emmenbruecke – The front-addressed dynamic studio mic with game-changing V SERIES capsule technology, now turbo-charged with DYNAMITE. Built like a Tank. All-Metal. Vastly Compatible. The DynaCaster: Galactic performance with down-to-earth prices.

Whether you are hosting a podcast, livestreaming, or gaming with friends, from building a community on your favorite platform to tracking a song in the studio, the DynaCaster’s integrated DYNAMITE preamp and discreet 3-layer pop filter makes the DynaCaster a modern studio companion with an undetectable footprint!

DynaCaster Dynamite

At the flick of a switch, phantom power (48V) will engage the DynaCaster’s integrated DYNAMITE preamp to instantly provide an eruptive +30dB of clean and transparent gain. Making the DynaCaster much louder than the typical dynamic microphone, eliminating the need for external inline preamps. Shape the foundation of your sound before any processing with 6 sophisticated equalization configurations via recessed switches to preserve your preferred settings.

Based on the proven capsule technology of the acclaimed V SERIES dynamics, the DynaCaster’s DMC8 cardioid capsule captures natural and intimate sound quality in the most epic of environments for singers, podcasters, livestreamers, musicians, engineers and producers alike.

“The DynaCaster is warm, big & natural. With a nice top-end – fantastic for vocals, electric guitar and drums. I love it!”
Alberto Vaz (Studio & FOH Engineer for Sheryl Crow)

sE Dynacaster 3 layer pop filter

Thanks to an integrated 3-layer pop filter and sE’s patented shockmount, the DynaCaster offers immediate plosive protection even against the most powerful of wind blasts, making it ideal for obstruction-free camera angles too, since there is no need for a bulky external pop filter or shock mount. The DynaCaster is easy to disassemble and easy to sanitize, to ensure a safer studio environment.

With a wide swivel range, the DynaCaster’s clever parallel stand mount and gold-plated XLR connector have been tested to validate compatibility across a wide variety of microphone stands and even “that desk boom.” The DynaCaster’s all-metal housing and premium finish is heavily shielded to avoid electrical interference for years of demanding use.

Built for creativity with integrated professional studio essentials, the DynaCaster does the work so you can focus on the process. When you are reaching for the stars, the DynaCaster offers you galactic performance with down-to-earth prices.


sE Dynacaster pop filter assembly


Availability & Pricing:

The DynaCaster has an MSRP of $329 USD / €269 EUR and comes complete with a thread adapter and black external windscreen for outdoor and on-location applications.

More on the DynaCaster: https://www.seelectronics.com/the-dynacaster-dynamic-studio-microphone

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