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How RME has enhanced AKRF’s PinDrop sound simulation and audiovisual suite


Entrance to AKRFSeptember 2023 – RME has consistently pushed the boundaries for what is possible in the audio world. Their level of innovation and commitment has paved a path for countless projects, from simple studio records to environmental monitoring analysis. RME’s unwavering commitment and cutting-edge capabilities have led professionals to their doorstep, including AKRF. AKRF is a multidisciplinary consulting firm featuring a diverse team of industry professionals committed to delivering constructive solutions.

With their environmental, engineering, and planning services, they have mastered the analysis of even the most delicate environmental and socio economic effects of real estate development. AKRF operates across a broad spectrum of industries, from energy and water to land development and transportation, skillfully tackling any factor, in any setting, to transform their clients’ visions into reality.

AKRF has a talented team of engineers, scientists, planners, and economists who collectively contribute to the success of their projects. Senior Vice Presidents Daniel Abatemarco and Benjamin Sachwald lead the acoustics, noise, and vibration practice at AKRF while Vice President Henry Mestre directs the technology solutions practice; their process involves cultivated adjustments for client needs executed with precision and dexterity. Moreover, their lifelong passions for the arts and sciences have seamlessly been integrated into a technologically advanced vision. While knowledge plays a crucial role, their specialized equipment and software work in tandem with the rest of AKRF’s team to ensure project success.

Conference room presentation.


From lobby Ted Talks to new structural builds, AKRF needs their equipment to have sustainable reliability and quality, which brought them to RME. RME plays a defining role in the baseline of the acoustical monitoring and analysis work AKRF conducts. AKRF’s latest installation is the ultimate blank acoustical canvas called the PinDrop. Equipped with RME’s Fireface and ARC Remote, the PinDrop is a free-floating room designed to provide high-level isolation, neutral response, and top-tier playback capabilities. The fully isolated structure contains angled walls, spring hung ceilings, an acoustically rated door, and an HVAC system so quiet the room maintains a background noise level less than NC 15. The intricate design allows AKRF to create sound simulations and render any acoustical environment with extreme detail.

“We’re able to basically play acoustic DJ. The way we have everything set up, clients can hear whatever they want, we can combine things, they can hear it again, we can make adjustments in real-time,” stated Sachwald. “It becomes very interactive and collaborative. We don’t make or sell any physical products so it’s all about giving the client everything they need to move forward. As long as we’ve been doing these, as long as we’ve had the PinDrop, the RME gear has been a part of how and why it works as well as it does.”

With continuously transformative results, AKRF is able to utilize the power of RME to elevate their acoustical consulting and engineering work to new heights and wider scopes. The exceptional quality and reliability that RME possesses has opened doors for the AKRF team to better serve their clients. By capitalizing on RME’s efficient nature, AKRF provides stronger customer relationships and support with each installation. They are not only able to design but truly transform the seed of a creative idea and bring it to full fruition.

RME on display“It’s about having control at your fingertips. With RME, you know at the drop of a hat, you can either dim it, you can control the volume, you don’t have to think about it,” added Mestre. “That’s super important when you have clients that need to speak over what we’re listening to at a moment’s notice. It’s transparent, it’s part of our workflow and is key to our presentations.”


For more information on AKRF, visit:  https://www.akrf.com/

For more information on RME, visit:  https://www.rme-usa.com/

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