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The RME converter provides Resonate’s lead mixing engineer with added headroom, fidelity

Louisville, KY, April 20, 2020 — Resonate Recordings is the ultimate one-stop shop for podcasters. The full-service podcasting production company covers everything from pre-production and script editing to post-production and hosting — even handling a podcast’s social media content. Mixing engineer Pat Kicklighter handles all quality control of podcasting clients’ audio for the Louisville, Kentucky-based firm. He recently incorporated an RME’s ADI-2 two-channel converter into his arsenal to help with clean conversion.

“I really needed 0.5 or 1-dB increments on my volume control with a digital readout so I know where I am when I’m mastering,” he said. “I’ve used other interfaces for that, but you don’t have as much control of your monitoring levels like you do with the RME unit.”

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With a variety of clients ranging from podcasting giant Tenderfoot TV, to major universities like Brown University and Stanford University to home hobbyists, Resonate Recordings services a wide range of podcasters.

“We’re Tenderfoot TV’s main post team,” Kicklighter explained. “And we’ve also been finding that businesses and universities have a lot of need for internal communications which they are now using podcasting for. Anyone that wants to record a podcast is someone we work with.”

Kicklighter has his ADI-2 coming out of his laptop which is “stuffed full of USB cables,” as he puts it. One of those goes straight into his ADI-2 and another port feeds into to another interface. Kicklighter said the ADI-2 provides him with more headroom, fidelity and bandwidth.

“A lot of the affordable interfaces have limited dynamic range and produce a fairly mid-rangey sound” he explained. “They often have a lot of power — like even if you just plug your headphones into a laptop you can get a lot of output but it’s sort of a closed down midrange sound.”

“But the RME is different,” he continued. “The ADI-2 has a ton more headroom, more fidelity, more bandwidth, more high-end and more low-end.”

Kicklighter added that RME also offers additional output power options. “I use the high output option for my Audeze headphones, but for my Sennheisers, I can use the low power option, so it accommodates the best of both worlds,” he said.

Kicklighter explained that the ADI-2’s broad and general EQ can tweak a headphone’s sound, ideal for when a producer or showrunner is listening to playback.

“If I’m having someone listen in like a producer, they tend to be more used to a bass-heavy sound like listening in a playback room, so the ADI-2 allows me to turn that bass range up and I can then give them a familiar sound.”

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