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Polyverse Launches Spring Sale with Up to 33% Off All Plug-Ins Until April 25th


Los Angeles, CA, April 11, 2022 – Innovative plug-in developer Polyverse has announced its 2022 Spring Sale event, with up to 33% off of their popular offerings like Manipulator, Comet, Gatekeeper, and I Wish, as well as popular bundles like their Infected Mushroom Bundle (which includes Manipulator, Gatekeeper, and I Wish) and All Plug-ins Bundle. All price reductions are available directly on the Polyverse website. The sale begins today at 1 p.m. PST and will end on April 25th at 10 a.m. PST.

“Spring is a time of rebirth, and a great time to start creating exciting new sounds,” says Polyverse CEO Assaf Dar Sagol. “Whether you already have a few of our plug-ins and want to fill out your collection or have been waiting for the right time to dive into the Polyverse, we hope you’ll take advantage of this limited time offer to jumpstart your upcoming sonic experiments!”

All Polyverse Plugins


Manipulator utilizes granular algorithms to dramatically alter the timbre and pitch of any monophonic source. From the cutting edge vocal sounds of contemporary pop, hip-hop, and electronica to the otherworldly sonic concoctions that film, TV, and game sound design applications demand, Manipulator is as powerful and intuitive as it is otherworldly and full of surprises.


Gatekeeper creates powerful volume modulation effects that allows users to turn any sound source into a rhythmic groove. With sample-fast transitions and a unique variable smoothing algorithm, Gatekeeper maintains musicality even when delivering hard-hitting chopping or pumping effects. For still further possibilities, Gatekeeper’s patterns can also be used to control parameters of other Polyverse plug-ins.


Comet achieves enveloping spatial reverb sounds ranging from the pristine to the extreme with ease. With a crystal-clear reverb algorithm, built-in saturation characteristics, and a wide breadth of parameter control, Comet is both simple to dial in and rewarding of experimentation. Its unique ability to gradually morph between five presets at a speed selected by the Glide parameter allows users to create dramatic transitions.

I Wish

I Wish can modulate, freeze, pitch and glitch any audio into rhythmic, controlled stutters that are sure to perk up any listeners’ ears. From robotic voices to dynamic soundscapes, I Wish blurs the line between synthesizer and granular effect to create never-before-heard sounds that inspire creativity.

For more information and to purchase plug-ins, please visit polyversemusic.com

About Polyverse

Polyverse Music is a “by musicians, for musicians” company that creates uniquely powerful tools and instruments for artists on the cutting edge of creativity. Founded in 2015, Polyverse has continually set the bar in terms of plugin innovation, vision, and user experience. Every person on the Polyverse team is a forward-thinking musician with extensive knowledge and experience with music, sound, synthesizers, and technology. In each new step, Polyverse continues to push the boundary of possibilities with digital musical instruments and effects.

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