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Dynamic percussion collection for contemporary cinematic composing


Berlin, Germany, April 3, 2024 — Orchestral Tools announces Monolith by Richard Harvey, the latest collaboration between the Berlin-based sample library designers and the celebrated composer. Monolith delves into Harvey’s vast musical instrument collection to create a powerful, contemporary ensemble of cinematic percussion—with a ​ dynamic array of unique, rare, and antique drums. Monolith is available now for an intro offer price of €199 (€299 + VAT regularly) until Thursday, April 18, 2024. For more information and to purchase Monolith, please click here.

Sculpting sonic thunder

Monolith offers the contemporary composer a vast range of curated percussion options that have been carefully sculpted for maximum sonic range and playability. Pulled from Harvey’s enviable instrument collection that spans musical traditions from around the globe, these 53 rare and antique drums offer everything from thundering bass blasts to skittering polyrhythms, arranged as curated ensembles as well as selected single instruments. There are 68 patches in total which include both pure and processed sounds for a wide variety of dynamic percussion textures. The result is a powerful, modern percussion toolkit ideally suited for cinematic projects as well as contemporary composition, game scoring, and creative sound design.

AIR Lyndhurst
AIR Lyndhurst

The sounds for Monolith were captured at AIR Lyndhurst, one of the world’s foremost locations for recording international movie scores. Each drum was captured with single hits, flams, upbeats, rimshots, and clacks, and many drums offer a choice of beaters or hands for maximum versatility. The joint team of Orchestral Tools and AIR Studios recorded each ensemble and instrument in 10 mic positions. This offers a wide range of sonic options, from very close to the expansive sound of the full room. And it allows composers to perfectly mix the sounds into any production or composition. As AIR Lyndhurst is a perfect sonic match with the Teldex Scoring Stage, Monolith blends extremely well with other Orchestral Tools collections.

In terms of playability, Monolith offers multiple keyboard mappings. Most patches offer dynamic mapping, with the drums mapped from quiet to loud across the keyboard—this approach is perfect for detailed pattern editing. Alternatively, patches are also provided that employ the more traditional approach of having each note on a single key and managing dynamics by velocity.

Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey

“The sonic identity of orchestral percussion has evolved tremendously over the past century of cinematic scoring,” said Orchestral Tools CEO Hendrik Schwarzer. “Monolith was designed to reflect the wide range of dynamics and textures now required by contemporary composers, as well as provide them with fresh, new, rich, and organic sounds that can be used in a modern context.”

“We welcomed the opportunity to once again collaborate with Richard and utilize his incredible experience and collection of drums to create something truly special. We’re eager to hear how composers make use of it.”

Collection highlights

  • 53 rare and unique drums, 68 patches
  • Ensembles and selected single instruments
  • All drums carefully tuned and voiced
  • Hits, flams, and upbeats
  • Multiple beater options
  • Dynamic keyboard mapping
  • Alternative mapping options and processed patches
  • 20 dynamic layers
  • 10 mic positions
  • Recorded at Lyndhurst Hall, AIR Studios

For more information about Monolith by Richard Harvey, please visit: https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/monolith

Orchestral Monolith GUI

About Orchestral Tools

Orchestral Tools makes premium-quality sampled instruments for professional composers. Notable libraries include the Berlin Series, Metropolis Ark, Tallinn, Tom Holkenborg’s Brass and Percussion, created in collaboration with composer Tom Holkenborg, and Phoenix Orchestra, created in collaboration with composers Harry Gregson-Williams and Richard Harvey. Originally founded in 2005 by Hendrik Schwarzer, Orchestral Tools operates internationally from its base in Germany, with offices in Freiburg and Berlin.

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