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Helsinki, Finland, 4th of April 2023. oeksound, a manufacturer of high-quality professional audio plug-ins, announces the release of their first live mixing plug-in: Soothe Live. This release adapts the celebrated technology behind Soothe and Soothe2 to Avid Venue S6L and HDX platforms.


Soothe Live is a dynamic resonance suppressor that automatically detects resonances and applies matching reduction. It has been live-optimized and fully tailored to the Avid VENUE S6L system. It can also be used in the Pro Tools environment with an HDX card. With an ultra-low latency of 0.66 ms (roundtrip latency of 0.99 ms) and intuitive touch screen usability, Soothe Live has been built from the ground up to suit the live mixing environment.

Effective on individual channels and busses, Soothe Live tames unwanted resonances and uneven tonal balance, allowing the user to address numerous challenges in live mixing. Soothe Live is built to solve common problems throughout the frequency spectrum: from softening overly bright instruments and treating proximity effect in vocals to reducing muddiness. Additionally, the sidechain input feature can be used to control bleed from other instruments.

It has always been our goal to make Soothe into a live plug-in. We worked a lot on optimizing the processing and parameters to be just

right, and I think we succeeded. Soothe Live helps the user deal with the fundamental challenges in live audio. Its versatility makes it a swift remedy for the typical problems faced in live mixing.”

Olli Keskinen

Founder of oeksound Ltd

The user interface–featuring all-new parameterization–was developed for a fast and intuitive live mixing user experience. Touch screen optimization, including touch gesture integration, expedites the mixing process even further. The amount of resonance reduction applied in each frequency area can be adjusted separately using any of the six frequency bands.

Live inputs constantly change from night to night and mixers need a tool that can adapt with them. Typical dynamic equalizers are useful

when the input is consistent, but this isn’t always the case live. Soothe Live offers the flexibility and adaptability that is really needed to keep up with

ever-changing sources. Soothe Live ensures I get the sound I want night after night, no matter what I throw at it.“

Jacob Feinberg

FOH and Broadcast sound engineer

Modest Mouse, Father John Misty, Regina Spektor, Bright Eyes

Availability and price

Soothe Live is available for Avid Venue S6L and HDX systems. Retail price 899 /

$899 / £799. A one-year evaluation license for Soothe Live is included in any active Avid S6L support plan.

Further details and a 20-day trial are available at oeksound.com.


Soothe Live key features

  • Available for Avid S6L and Pro Tools HDX platforms
  • Algorithm latency of 0.66 ms
  • Roundtrip latency 0.99 ms
  • Sample rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz supported on Pro Tools | HDX
  • Can run 54 mono or 36 stereo instances on a single 18-core HDX card
  • Full frequency range operation
  • 6 custom frequency bands
  • Sidechain feature
  • Touch screen optimized with touch gestures

About oeksound

oeksound is a plug-in company with a focus on bringing innovative sound mixing and mastering tools to both professionals and enthusiasts. Based in Helsinki, Finland, it launched in 2016 when Olli Keskinen released his first plug-in, Soothe. With so many companies chasing the perfect modeling for yet another 1176 emulation, oeksound is here to craft new tools for modern needs.


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