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The new line includes three versatile sizes and a subwoofer option


Bothell, WA—January 18, 2021: ​Mackie, a leading producer of high-quality professional audio products, today announces its new line of SRT™ Professional Powered Loudspeakers. The new line was specifically crafted for working musicians and includes three 1600W loudspeakers: SRT210 (10”), SRT212 (12”), and SRT215 (15’). The line also includes an 18-inch 1600W professional powered loudspeaker, the SR18S. All models in the new line boast complete wireless control via Mackie’s SRT Connect™ App.

SRT is built on Mackie’s three key pillars:

  • Pure performance​: Made for working musicians, this lineup boasts more output than any other loudspeaker in its class.
  • Powerfully built​: Mackie’s signature Built-Like-A-Tank™ construction, featuring rugged molded cabinets and tough steel, ensures that these speakers are made to last, even when touring.
  • Intelligent design​: The SRT line includes sophisticated features like Advanced Impulse DSP™, input overload protection, and rock-solid wireless streaming and control, making them a smart solution for music creators.

“We made this line for real-world working musicians and DJs that are ready for an upgrade in sound quality and power without breaking the bank.” said Matt Redmon, Director of Product Marketing at Mackie. “We packed some of our best technology, tuning, and user-friendly features while keeping them at a price that is realistic for just about anyone.” 

Product Details

The SRT210 10” 1600W Professional Powered Loudspeaker features Advanced Impulse™ DSP (proprietary acoustic tuning), powerful amplifiers that deliver crystal clear sound with balanced distribution and up to 128 dB, and ultra-versatile SRT Mix Control™ built-in four-channel mixer with full-color display. Users will enjoy easy setup, incredible sound, and unbeatable reliability plus total wireless control of up to two SRT series loudspeakers via the SRT Connect™ app available for iOS and Android®.

  • US MAP: $499

The SRT212 12” 1600W Professional Powered Loudspeaker features all standout items in SRT210, upping the sound pressure level to 132dB.

  • US MAP: $599

The SRT215 15” 1600W Professional Powered Loudspeaker features all standout items in SRT210, upping the sound pressure level to 133dB.

  • US MAP: $699

The SR18S 18” 1600W Professional Powered Subwoofer is designed to deliver incredible sound and unbeatable reliability. This product adds powerful low end bass frequency and grants a massive increase in efficiency and output for musicians’ whole systems, making it a perfect complement to existing setups. It’s also easy to dial in with an adjustable crossover, versatile I/O, and unique voicing modes. This subwoofer features 133dB output and an impressive frequency response range from 33Hz-200Hz.

  • US MAP: $799

For more information about Mackie’s new SRT Series loudspeakers, please visit ​Mackie.com/srt

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