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LEWITT brings studio sound to the stage with the new MTP W950 true condenser handheld for wired and wireless. Designed as a performer’s personal microphone, MTP W950 offers excellent sound in any environment and has been tested on the world’s biggest stages. Available from March 8th 2023 for $/€799.-

If you’re a vocalist, the new MTP W950 modular handheld microphone will become the mic you will insist on using for every show. In the past, condenser handheld microphones were considered a risky business for loud stages regarding feedback issues. The MTP W950 solves this problem by combining a 1” true condenser capsule for amazing studio sound quality with an industry-defining rear rejection of up to 90%. You, your band, and the audience can now enjoy a crystal-clear vocal mix without feedback and minimal bleed.

When you sing using your own microphone at each show, rehearsal, or even recording sessions, you will sound consistent each time you perform. The MTP W950 will become an instrument you can learn and grow with.

MTP W950 can be used wired or with a wireless system. The 1” true condenser capsule is detachable and compatible with a variety of industry-standard wireless handheld transmitters. If you’re performing in the rehearsal room or a small venue, you can go wired via an XLR cable. If you play a big stage, you can simply go wireless. And since the MTP W950 features a studio capsule, you can easily bring it to recording sessions as well. With its outstanding studio sound quality, it’s a microphone that’s there for you wherever you want to use it.

As a compact, three-way, high-performance active studio monitor, the SCM25A Pro Mk2 is based around a 6.5”/164mm bass driver loaded in a ported/ vented enclosure, tuned to 32kHz and featuring a 3”/75mm diameter port with flared entry and exit to minimise port air noise. Needless to say, its killer combination of exceptional mid-range clarity; high-output, extended bass response; and modest 25-litre/0.9 cubic foot size make it ideal for nearfield monitoring across a wide range of critical applications.

All new to the SCM25A Pro Mk2 is its high-frequency driver, ATC having replaced its popular predecessor’s OEM part with its own ‘S-SPEC’ SH25-76S, manufactured in-house with a no-compromise engineering approach (as fitted to the two-way SCM20A Pro and larger, three-way SCM45A Pro, SCM50A Pro, SCM100A Pro, SCM110A Pro, and SCM150A Pro models since 2015). This driver is a 1”/25mm soft-dome design, handling high frequencies above 3.5kHz, but, unlike almost any other 1”/25mm tweeter on the market, it employs both an upper and lower suspension to better support and control the coil and dome motion. This, therefore, makes for a narrower magnetic gap, resulting in higher magnetic flux, which, in turn, extends the high-frequency response and reduces 3rd harmonic distortion. As ATC R&D Manager Richard Newman notes, “We feel the new tweeter lifts the capability of the SCM25A Pro Mk2 to a higher level, retaining the outstanding balance of the monitor, but extending the high-frequency response and reducing distortion to really help lower-level detail in the high-frequency band cut through. This will greatly aid faster decision-making and outstanding translation outside of the studio.”

Meanwhile, mid-band frequencies between 380Hz and 3.5kHz are handled by ATC’s acclaimed 3”/75mm soft-dome mid-range driver, duly combining high-efficiency, high-power handling, low distortion, and wide dispersion characteristics to ensure class-leading performance for the SCM25A Pro Mk2 in this critical frequency range. As a mainstay of ATC’s Pro product range, this component features in eight models, making certain consistency spans from nearfield through to main monitors.

The MTP W950 features extremely clear sound, keeping handling noise to an absolute minimum while its dual layer design eliminates wind noise and plosives. The optimized capsule placement forgives even the most creative microphone grasping techniques, and high sound quality will be maintained even when half the grille is covered. It will spare many engineers a headache; on the contrary, they will rave about the sound quality.

To provide full flexibility in all scenarios, the MTP W950 comes with switchable cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns, a 120 Hz low-cut filter, and 12 dB attenuation to reduce sensitivity and raise the maximum sound pressure level up to 152 dBSPL.

Before its release, the MTP W950 has already been on some of the world’s biggest stages for the last year through a comprehensive worldwide beta test. Night after night, professional live sound engineers have used it with star acts like the Rolling Stones, T-Pain, and Kehlani, getting outstanding and reliable sound quality no matter the venue.

By solving the most common problems for vocalists, LEWITT has created the ultimate live microphone for performers and engineers alike. 

The MTP W950 will be in stores from 8th or March, 2023 for $/€ 799.-

The capsule (W9) is available for $/€ 649.-

Feature summary

  • 1” true condenser capsule for outstanding studio sound on stage
  • Wired XLR microphone with detachable head for industry-standard wireless systems
  • Over 90% rear rejection for clear mixes
  • High wind noise and plosive resistance through dual layer capsule protection
  • Cupping-safe capsule placement
  • Ruggedness for everyday stage use
  • Tried and tested on the world’s biggest stages by professional live sound engineers and a-list artists
  • Switchable between cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns
  • Switchable 12 dB attenuation
  • Switchable 120 Hz low-cut filter
  • Transport case with space for handheld transmitter and in-ears


Product Page: https://lewitt.link/mtpw950

Product video: https://youtu.be/Atzeujhxz7o

Product presentation with sound samples: https://youtu.be/0RzOa77NbG0



Designed and engineered in Vienna, Austria, LEWITT sets new standards in sound capture as a modern, innovative alternative to traditional audio companies. Founded in January 2010 by entrepreneurial audio pioneer Roman Perschon, LEWITT is made up of a dedicated and diverse team of audio experts with a passion for quality and the in-house engineering capabilities to focus entirely on the needs of customers. Each microphone is the result of a consultative process with the worldwide community of audio enthusiasts including many of the world’s most respected producers, sound engineers, and musicians. Find out more at www.lewitt-audio.com.

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