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In-demand session drummer showcases the tricks and techniques behind his trademark “Super Dead Drums” sound


LOS ANGELES, CA, December 19, 2023 — Lauten Audio continues its extended exploration of recorded drum sounds with ‘Dead Drums in a Live Room’, a new YouTube video starring sought-after versatile session drummer Jake Reed [Katy Perry, Logic, The Los Angeles Philharmonic] and Grammy-winning engineer Darrell Thorp that explores the philosophy and methods behind Reed’s signature ‘Super Dead’ drum sound. Filmed in Studio 606 in Los Angeles, the video demonstrates Reed’s techniques for creating a tight and controlled studio drum sound that still sounds fat and present in the mix. 

The basis of Reed’s technique is an expert mixture of restrained playing technique and strategic use of padding and dampening to provide the perfectly balanced sound. By doing so and cranking up the mic preamps, he is able to create a warm, punchy sound that sits perfectly alongside other instruments. He and Thorp investigate various methods of doing this before cutting a fresh drum groove to analog tape to demonstrate the techniques in action. The Pro Tools Session and audio files from the recording session are available for download in the description of the video.

“I find with this sound that the real way to check it out is to listen to it in the mic and not play too loud,” he explains. “The softer you play, the fatter and fatter sounding it gets. In a mix, it sounds awesome. [The sound] sits so well in the context of all the other instruments and it leaves a lot of space.”

Lauten Audio Microphones Used in ‘Dead Drums in a Live Room’

About Darrell Thorp ​

Darrell Thorp is a 10x Grammy-Award winning Engineer, Mixer, and Producer based in Los Angeles, California. Thorp is best-known for his work with The Foo Fighters, Beck, Outkast, Radiohead, R.E.M, Twenty One Pilots and Paul McCartney.

About Jake Reed

Jake Reed is a professional drummer based in Los Angeles. He has performed/recorded with Katy Perry (“All You Need is Love” single), Logic (aka Peanuts), RUEL, Kait Dunton, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, IDK, Seth MacFarlane, Glen Hansard, Laufey, Matt Forbes, Larry Goldings, Adam Levy, Bob Mintzer, Les McCann, Freda Payne, Mako, Ellis Hall, Tommy Torres, Bruce Forman, Cow Bop, Bill Cunliffe, Bill Holman, and Johnny Mandel. He also records for TV/film music, including “The Old Man” (composed by Patrick Warren and T Bone Burnett), “Ordinary Joe”, “Queer As Folk” (reboot), “Cobra Kai,” the upcoming Apple TV+ show “Palm Royale”, and feature films such as “Paint” (composed by Lyle Workman), and “Renfield.” ​

About Lauten Audio ​

Lauten Audio is a family-owned maker of original, inspiring microphones. Currently available products include the flagship “Eden” tube microphone, the award-winning “Atlantis” FET condenser microphone, the groundbreaking “Synergy Series” of noise-rejecting condenser microphones, and the new Series Black family of condenser microphones. Lauten Audio and its diverse family of users can be found in studios, on stages, and in homes worldwide. ​

 For more information, visit www.lautenaudio.com or call 1-877-721-7018.

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