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Building on the reputation of their highly regarded tube mic preamps, LaChapell Audio is thrilled to announce the arrival of the 500TDI tube direct box 500 series module. The 500TDI includes the same innovations that has made LaChapell Audio well known in the studio world. True to form, LaChapell offers a design that not only fulfills the basic requirements of a DI (converting an unbalanced and/or high impedance signal to a balanced low impedance signal) but offers sonic shaping options along the way.

The 500TDI is a single bay vacuum tube DI for the 500 series format. One of the challenges in the 500 series format is a limited power supply. LaChapell Audio’s TrueTube™ technology fully powers the tube without drawing unnecessary power or harming the power supply in any way. This makes the 500TDI the only tube direct box in the 500 series format to benefit from a tubes true potential.

The 500TDI’s boutique quality dual drive knobs provide a wide array of tonal options from clean with a hint of warmth to harmonically rich and beyond into tube overdrive distortion. For even more versatility, the two inputs (one serving as a pass-through output) each have different input impedances and can be used to further shape the sound.

“I am extremely happy that Digital Audio Labs wanted to honor my dad by releasing this product, which was one of his pet projects,” says Scott LaChapell, founder of LaChapell Audio. “It fits perfectly in the LaChapell Audio line. It has that characteristic fully powered tube sound we are known for and versatility in the controls. Not to mention it pairs incredibly with the 583s MK2 and 583e.”

The 500TDI is currently available and carries an expected street price of $700. Learn more at the link below!

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