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The first physically modeled electric bass goes next level adding fretless and double-bass models, a brand-new Patterns section and more


March 24, 2022 – IK Multimedia announces MODO BASS 2.0, the next-level edition of IK’s award-winning physically modeled bass virtual instrument, adding 8 new basses, including new fretless and upright options, a brand-new patterns section with thousands of grooves, advanced performance controls and more ways to enter the MODO BASS world.

Producers know how important it is to have a great-sounding bassline. Now MODO BASS 2.0 offers even more realism and the stunning sounds of sought-after electric and double basses being played by master musicians, all with the convenience of a plug-in virtual instrument.

IK Multimedia modo bass 2 gui

A Limitless Variety

MODO BASS 2.0 includes the 14 original iconic basses plus 8 exciting new ones, for a total of up to 22 basses included to cover any style of music. There are 6 new electric models featuring 2 legendary fretless basses plus 2 double-bass instruments. And with the power of MODO BASS synthesis, users can turn any standard 4-string electric bass into a 5- or 6-string bass for unmatched sonic options.

Fretless Freedom

Want to give bass tracks a lift? Try going fretless with MODO BASS 2. There’s Fretless Jazz, inspired by the iconic Jaco Pastorius’s customized Jazz Bass with its instantly recognizable tone and dynamics. And Fretless Bass Man, inspired by Pino Palladino’s famous StingRay, delivers that iconic sound to your studio. Plus MODO BASS 2 now offers the ability to turn any of the 18 available electric basses also into a fretless model (and the fretless models into fretted basses as well).

Double Basses Are Here!

MODO BASS 2 now adds 2 double basses to the collection. Choose Rockabilly for old-school slapping styles or Upright Studio for that classic jazz sound. A premiere for MODO BASS physical model synthesis, the new double basses are modeled in their own studio space with a selection of movable mics and a piezo signal that can be blended in and then run through MODO’s stomps and amps as desired. And finally, a pair of stereo room mics lets users mix in the perfect ambient room sound.

The Home Base for Basslines

The new PATTERNS section offers thousands of patterns and smart filters to browse by genre, song section, length, time signature and more. It’s easy to audition any one and find exactly what’s needed, whether it’s the backbone of a full song or just a handy solo lick to lead into the next song section. All patterns were performed by top professional bass players with a groove and feel in MODO BASS that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Enhanced Performance

The PLAYSTYLE section in MODO BASS 2 has been enhanced and now benefits from IK’s latest advances in playing style subtleties and control. With MODO BASS 2’s ultra-realistic pluck technique comes new advanced algorithms for pick and slap articulations that’ll breathe life into standard MIDI files lifting the low end and the music to new heights.

Try It for Free

MODO BASS 2 Custom Shop is now also available as a free software program that can be downloaded by anyone and comes with one of the world’s most popular basses, the ’60s P-Bass. At any time within the program, users can add new basses à la carte, make their purchase and expand their bass collection in minutes. All new basses instantly become available for making music and include the option of going fretless.

The Mojo of MODO

Still the first and only virtual instrument that models the entire process of generating and playing bass sounds, MODO BASS recreates each string’s response to the action of the “player” and the interaction of the string with the fingerboard, body and pickups of the bass instrument. Then using IK’s analog modeling expertise, the amp and effects of an electric bass rig are added to the sound chain.

All of this gives MODO BASS a playability that is simply unmatched by any other bass program and the ability to create sound in real-time providing the ever-changing, hyper-realistic sound music needs to reach the next level. And since the program isn’t sample-based, there’s more hard-drive space available for completing each masterpiece.

Pre-order Pricing and Availability

MODO BASS 2 will ship in April 2022* and is available now for preorder from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide:

MODO BASS 2 CS Free – includes 1 bass. The purchase of any additional bass à la carte adds the fretless feature and the full suite of patterns.

MODO BASS 2 SE $/€149.99** – an accessibly priced version with 4 basses including the new Punk Bass.

MODO BASS 2 $/€299.99 – the full version with 22 basses including all 8 new ones. Also available for $/€199.99 as a crossgrade to all IK users owning any IK products $/€99.99 and up.

Individual MODO BASS basses $/€69.99 each – available to CS and SE users.

MODO BASS 2 + MODO DRUM 1.5 bundle $/€399.99 – includes all 22 basses and 13 kits. Special crossgrade and upgrade pricing available starting from $/€199.99.

Exclusive for MODO BASS 1 Users
All owners of MODO BASS 1 can upgrade to MODO BASS 2 for a limited time for only $/€149.99.

*From now until release, everyone who purchases MODO BASS 2 full (including crossgrade) or SE will immediately receive a download of MODO BASS 1 of the same version and their MODO BASS 2 version as soon as it becomes available.

**All pricing excluding taxes.

For more information about MODO BASS 2 or to see it in action, please visit:

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